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Earn Money from DailyMotion

We all know about Youtube as the No.1 video website and many people are making money from it. We are also introducing another popular video sharing site that you can share your videos for free and also make money from it. Have you had about “DailyMotion.com?” DailyMotion is a known online video hosting website in the world.

DailyMotion gives site owners the opportunity to upload and monetize their video. They offer two types of account for publisher.

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When you create dailymotion account  – then you have the ability to monetize your channel in three different ways. Namely:

  • Video Monetization – This one, you have to upload your videos and share them on your social networking accounts (wall) so that the video can go viral, and so doing your impression increases along side with your earning.
  • Paid Content – Paid content lets you rent your videos on demand and/or create a monthly subscription offering for your channel. Get started by uploading quality content and creating a pricing scheme.
  • Website Monetization – With website monetization, just like Google AdSense.com Programme, you can earn revenue from embedding videos on your websites. This is a great way to provide premium, relevant content to your users.

How to Sign Up DailyMotion Account

  1. Log on to www.dailymotion.com/monetization
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Then select that you want to create new account (if you do not have Dailymotion’s account already)
  4. Then start to fill in the form and submit
  5. Login dailymotion and start uploading your contents and videos.

Please note that you will be required to copy and paste an HTML code from dailymotion.com to your blog.

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How to Earn Money from DailyMotion through Facebook.com and Twitter.com

As a serious business person you should be able to know that you only earn earn money online when your products and services goes across people who likes it. We do no not know who like and who doesn’t. That is why social website is the best place to show what you offer because there are millions of people tripping in facebook and twitter.

We have listed only this because they give you the opportunity to share your videos (not only contents) for free. So Dailymotion is offering very major opportunity for the publisher to earn money via facebook and twitter.

Some believe that dailymotion is the best alternative of google ads, and youtube ads.


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