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Learn How to Edit already sent message on SKYPE – www.skype.com

It important to know how to edit already sent message on SKYPE. This is will enable very of your mistake corrected even after sending them. Some times you may write a message and send it to your friend or family you are chatting  with. But after going through those message you see lot of mistakes.

And even when you know what you are doing, people will still dough your ability of writing correct article or message.

On this tutorial today you will learn How to Edit already sent message on SKYPE.

Step by Step on How to Edit already sent message on SKYPE

  1. After you might have login in to your skype account (Click here to Sign into your SKYPE account)
  2. Choose your interested person to chat with
  3. Now let assume you have sent a message to the person you are chatting withHow to edit message after sending
  4. Right-click your mouse —-> choose “edit message”
  5. The already sent message will show back to your create massage box. Now you make your change and re-send it.

This is how to Edit already sent message on SKYPE 

How to Delete Already Sent Message on SKYPE

  • If you feel you really want to permanently remove or delete the message you have sent to your friend already, just follow the same process above.
  • Then when you right-click your mouse pad —-> choose “Remove Message”


  • Any message you remove can not be recovered again
  • You can only edit or remove message you sent recently

I believe this article has educated you on how to delete or edit message you have already sent to your friend list while chatting.

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