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Learn How To Get Chep Pins and Profit in Recharge Card Printing Business

I have written about three articles on Recharge card printing business in Nigeria and to God be the glory 91% of them call me to tell me they are doing well in the Business.

But this time another discovering which I call UNLIMITED RECHARGE CARD PRINTING PACKAGE because I have been able to discover New DEALERS which any body from now can now get recharge pins at a chipper rate (for example 100 airtime = N890 – N90 naira, 200 airtime= N189 – N192 naira, ETC. And by this price you stand a chance of getting high profit.

I don’t want you to envy those who are already into this business because the secret which I will review will take you to the same level or even higher if only you are focus.

The only thing that can be called a secret is what you know nothing about. But here is a way to show you those things you see others doing and they call them Boss for it, while some even employ and pay workers.

You will get the so-0called secret of getting Chip Pins and Profit in Recharge Card Printing Business. If only you can pay7 to get the UNLIMITED RECHARGE CARD PRINTING PACKAGE from Me once and for all.

There are things you need to succeed in the recharge card printing business today:

(1) DEALERS to get your pins at the rate of #89 – #90 for 100 Airtime, #189 – #192 for 200 Airtime, etc. Depending on the Network you are purchasing. The Recharge Card Dealers contacts address will also be included, also the price lists.

(2). A New Software : which will generate pin, only when you have order for the pins from the dealers then you just login and set it software the mount of pins  and the network type you want to print. Note that the New software work’s depending on the dealers you buy from. About 45% of our dealers make use of the software.

(3). A Manuel that will enlighten you more on how to print the card, market your product, and set the software. This Unlimited Package is going for N8,500 only. The UNLIMITED RECHARGE CARD PRINTING PACKAGE (New List of Dealers, New Software and Manuel) is a money generating package for you.


To Order for this new Unlimited recharge card printing package you will make a payment of N8,500 (Eight Thousand five hundred Naira Only) into any of the Banks listed below:

Account Number: 0044109450
Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank Plc (GTBank PLC)


Account Number: 3066151282
Bank Name: First Bank plc

Amount to pay: N8,500 Only.

Please after payment, Send your full Name, State, Email address, Phone Number and Teller number to 08032934651 or email: The Unlimited List Of Dealers, New software and a Manuel will be sent to your email within 45mins after payment.

You can create wealth through Recharge Card Printing Business in Nigeria only if you:

  • Operate with the wright Dealers (where you get your pins at a chip rate).
  • You must have full enthusiasm and desire to create wealth.

It is true that many are into the Recharge Card Printing Business in Nigeria but many are not making the profit as it’s suppose to be. All because of the dealer they are operate with.

Some may say that the money is too much, but I know what I am about to offer to you. Am glad to tell you that even some who are into the business are still paying in order to get the New Unlimited Recharge Card Printing Package from me.

Good nature about the business:

(1) Weather you are a computer literate or not you can do this business perfect well.

(2) You can be working and at the same time do this business.

(3) Is not a time consuming business.

(4) With this New Package the profit is high.

(5) The New software does not expire but it can be updated after a long period of time.

Feel Free to call me on 08032934651 for further explanation. Fellow the right way today by learning How To Get List Of Recharge Card Dealers and Chip Recharge Card Pins For High Profit.

Good Luck!





5 thoughts on “Learn How To Get Chep Pins and Profit in Recharge Card Printing Business

  1. please my people can any one tell me the lowest rate mtn recharge card costs when you are buying from major dealers. And how do i get the dealers contact for the cheapest rate. If u are into recharge printing business please share you experience with us thank u.

  2. But some are 4 one 9 how can i know them please tell me

    1. -The good once will start by asking you to come to there office
      -Their software is been costomize. So you can’t use another dealers company to print with the software
      -they sell at a cheap price
      -You will be ask to create a business name there at the office
      -The dealers are very few in number in Nigeria
      That is why you can only get reliable dealers from us here ONLY, because we already know all that and we have help in sorting only best dealers.

  3. Am bright, if for example I start the business with 9700 how many e-pin will be sent to me and what will be my profit margin

    1. The N9,700 will buy you 100 units (pins) of N100 card denomination. But calculating your profit margin, sorry I can’t do that, cos this depend your location, your personal price, and number of customers you have.

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