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Learn How to Add MailTrack.io in your Gmail Account

MailTrack.io designed an alert that pops out of your taskbar notifying you that the recipient of you email has opened it. Here am going to show you from the starting point of Creating an account with MailTrack.io and then install MailTracker in your gmail account account.

One purpose of MailTrack for the year 2015 has been to open our minds and question continuously if there is nothing else we can do on the ground of tracking emails that can improve our daily routine. We want to explore new ways to improve efficiency of communication by email with the aim of improving.

Many of you installed MailTrack.io out of curiosity: you wanted the double-checks in your Gmail too, so you’d know if your emails were being read. Others found MailTrack.io because they’ve already been working with their emails for a while, and saw the productivity boost email tracking can bring.

But no matter why you’ve installed MailTrack on your machines, there is one thing we all agree with: we all want our emails to be opened.

Features of MailTrack.io

  • MailTrack.io is a free application that tells its users when their emails have been opened.
  • Free & Unlimited for Gmail Accounts
  • Privacy and Safety

How to Add MailTrack.io in your Gmail Account

  1. Click here to Create a MailTrack Account free

Got a Read Notification? Time to take action!


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