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Learn How to Compose Messages Using Gmail Account

I have come to understand that so many people around the world does not know how Compose Messages using Gmail Account, While some do not even know that its possible to send E-mail messages with Gmail to all other mailing services.

Gmail is a free, advertising-supported email service provided by Google.

This article will help to exposes you more on how to Compose Messages Using Gmail Account to other mailing websites/companies, like; Yahoo Mail, AOL mail, MSN, Hotmail, Mail.com, etc.

How to Compose Messages Using Gmail Account

Follow the instructions below to do this task;

  1. Lunch your computer browser and visit www.gmail.com
  2. Enter your Gmail ID (email address) and Password
  3. Now your gmail account shows up, click the “COMPOSE”. See the image belowHow to compose gmail messages
  4. A Gmail composing message box will pop out from the left side of your gmail account. See image below;compose message box
  5. The No 1. which is label as “To” is where you fill in the email address of the receiver. Which could be a yahoo mail address, hotmail address, mail.com address, alo mail address, etc. For example; john@yahoomail.com, john@gmail.com, john@hotmail.com, etc.  No 2.  which is label as “Subject”, you are required to, n short sentence write what your message will be about. So that once the person see it he already know what it contains. For example; writing about cooking ingredients for a party, you can write in there as “List of cooking ingredients for the party“. No 3. This is where you compose/write your whole of messages you are sending to the person. No 4. That is the “Send” button. To send the message you have composed.

Please note that:

You can also send multiple messages at once. All you have to do is insect receivers email address and a space then put another other one.

There are other features you can use while composing the message:

gmail message composing box

  1. This is where you can bold, underline, etc your sentences
  2. To attach file from your computer or phone to your email. But there are other ways to attach files which is by dragging the file form your computer to that mailing box.
  3. Uploading files using drivers
  4. Upload images
  5. To input link. for example you wort a word like this; “Learn How to Compose Messages Using Gmail Account” now u put link inside it.

I hope this article really helped you so much??? Use the comment box below to tell me what you think about this website (OnlineDailys.com) and the article you just read.

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