Learn How to Convert documents From MicroSoft Office Word To PDF

As long  you can be patient to read up this article, you will learn here how to Convert documents from MicroSoft Word to PDF free.

I have been finding a way on how to Convert documents From MicroSoft office Word To PDF or Converting

What Is PDF?

PDF is fully called ”Portable Document Format”.  Is a file format used to represent documents in a manner independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems. PDF is a proprietary format that allows you to read electronic documents, either on or off line. This format provides a page-by-page view of documents, exactly as they appear in their printed form, as well as allowing keyword search.

The steps in Converting documents from MicroSoft Office Word To PDF is simple. Please not that the steps am about to show you now, you can also use it by converting document form pdf to micosoft word.

Steps on How to Convert documents From MicroSoft Office Word To PDF;

  1. Prepare your document in either pdf or micosoft format. Then you save it.
  2. visit www.online-convert.com, select the format you want whether to convert form pdf to soft word of soft word to pdf. It is left to make your choose.
  3. Click on ”browse” to enable you upload the document you want to convert.
  4. After the convertion process, a box will pop up for you to save the new converted document.
  5. You just converted your document online for free.

You do not need Adobe pagemaker to do this. And its free.

In the same website (www.online-convert.com), you can also;

  • Convert audio file,
  • Convert video file,
  • Convert image file,
  • Ebook Converter,
  • Archive Converter,
  • Hash generator
  • And many more……….

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