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Learn how to create html5 and css3 free

How to Create HTML5 and CSS Online Tutorial

With HTML, HTML5 and CSS you can create your own perfect Website. My may reason of writing this article is to educate you more about HTML, HTML5 and CSS code writing. And also we are going to list out free web sites to learn HTML, HTML5 and CSS code writing free.

What is HTML and HTML5?

The full meaning of HTML  and HTML5 is “Hypertext Markup Language“, which is a W3C specification and also be referred to as Web Applications that defines the fifth major revision of the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). One of the major changes in HTML5 is in respect to how HTML addresses Web applications. Other new features in HTML5 include specific functions for embedding graphics, audio, video, and interactive documents.  New elements also allow you to define sections of your Web page using new tags such as < article > which defines an article, < nav > which defines navigation links, < source > which defines media resources, and many others. For example, the navigation section of your page would be enclosed in the < nav > tags.

HTML5 is a core technology markup language of the Internet used for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web. The first “working draft” of HTML5 came out in January of 2008 and it already has surprisingly broad browser support.

Following its immediate predecessors HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.1, HTML5 is a response to the fact that the HTML and XHTML in common use on the World Wide Web are a mixture of features introduced by various specifications, along with those introduced by software products such as web browsers, those established by common practice. It is also an attempt to define a single markup language that can be written in either HTML or XHTML. It includes detailed processing models to encourage more interoperable implementations; it extends, improves and rationalises the markup available for documents, and introduces markup and application programming interfaces (APIs) for complex web applications.

For the same reasons, HTML5 is also a potential candidate for cross-platform mobile applications. Many features of HTML5 have been built with the consideration of being able to run on low-powered devices such as smartphones and tablets. In December 2011, research firm Strategy Analytics forecast sales of HTML5 compatible phone.

What is CSS?

CSS 3 is the modularization of Cascading Style Sheets to allow additions to the specification as well as limit the properties used in a given situation.  The biggest change that is currently planned with CSS level 3 is the introduction of modules. The advantage to modules is that it (supposedly) allows the specification to be completed and approved more quickly, because segments are completed and approved in chunks. This also allows browser and user-agent manufacturers to support sections of the specification but keep their code bloat to a minimum by only supporting those modules that make sense.

For example, a text reader wouldn’t need to include modules that only define how an element is going to display visually. But even if it only included the aural modules, it would still be a standards-compliant CSS 3 tool.


Some New Features of CSS 3

  • Selectors – Selectors in CSS 3 are going to be very interesting. They will allow the designer/developer to select on much more specific levels of the document. One of the nice things about this module is that many browsers are already starting to support the advanced CSS 3 selectors, so you can start trying them out now. For example, some new selectors are:
    matching on attributes and attribute values, including partial matches.
    structural pseudo-classes, such as the nth-child.
    a target pseudo-class to style only elements that are targetted in the URL.
    a checked pseudo-class to style any element that is checked such as radio or checkbox elements.
  • Text Effects and Layout
    Making changes to the hyphenation, whitespace, and justification of text in documents.
  • First-Letter and First-Line Pseudo-Classes
    CSS 3 should allow properties to affect kerning and alignment of drop-caps.
  • Paged Media and Generated Content
    CSS 3 will now support more options in paged media, such as running headers and footers and page numbers. Plus there will be advanced properties for printing generated content including properties for footnotes and cross-references.
  •   Multi-Column Layout
    Right now, the multi-column layout working draft provides properties to allow designers to display their content in multiple columns with definitions like the column-gap, column-count, and column-width.
  • Ruby
    CSS will now support the ability to add small annotations on top or next to words, most often used in Chines and Japanese. They are generally used to give the pronunciation or meaning of difficult ideograms.

Free Video Tutorial on How to Create a Responsive Website Using HTML5 and CSS3


List of Websites to Learn How to Create HTML 5 and CSS Free

  1. W3School.com –  The W3 School is the first and top html5 and css3 learning school. Very thing need to learn is made available in W3school.com
  2. Udemy – In Udemy you can learn to build beautiful HTML5 And CSS3 Websites in 1 Month if you are really ready to learn this. Udemy is one of the fastest website to learn HTML5/CSS3 & how to build websites online. Great for designers, entrepreneurs, & beginners! Visit the official website through here.
  3. Home and Learn – This Web Design course will teach you HTML, HTML 5, and Cascading Stylesheeyts (CSS). It is aimed at complete beginners to the subject, and assumes you have no knowledge of creating web pages. (If you were doing the old course, it has now been moved here: old course.) You won’t need to buy any expensive software for this course. To see what you WILL need, simply click the Course Software link. The course has been designed to work on just about any operating system.

Requirements for learning HTML5 and CSS

  •  computer and connection to the internet
  •  desire to learn fast and effectively
  • Dreamweaver
  • NotePad++



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