Learn How To Install Windows On Mac

You read that right. You can learn how to Install windows on Mac. At first, many thought it’s impossible. But then, how many things did we believe weren’t possible to later became possible? We will take you by the hand and show you how you can do this. You can have a Windows operating in your Mac PC. Let’s ride.

There is an app called Boot Camp. With this app, you can install Windows on Mac without much delay. But before doing that, there are guidelines and requirements: things you need to put in place to ensure the process goes smoothly. That is what we will show you here as you read on.

How To Install Windows On Mac

Before we go ahead, let’s show you what and what you need to put in place to carry this out without delay.


Below are the requirements you will need to Install Windows on Mac. They include:

  1. An Intel-based Mac (2007 or later) with the latest Mac OS updates.
  2. A Microsoft Windows ISO image file with the license key.
  3. A blank USB flash drive (if you want to install the OS from an external drive).
  4. Free space on your HDD to install: 55 GB or more.
  5. A Boot Camp

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What Is A Boot Camp?

Boot Camp is a technology that lets you install Windows as a bootable operating system on an Intel-based Mac computer. Boot Camp Assistant is a Mac OS application that assists you in your Windows installation and provides all the necessary instructions.

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How To Install Windows On Mac

Here is your guideline.

  1. Get the Windows you want to install on Mac. Just head over to the Windows Store. You can choose to purchase a digital copy, which you’ll need to download (and then download this tool to create a Windows 10 disk image), or you can purchase a Windows 10 flash drive which Microsoft will ship to you.
  2. The next step is to open Boot Camp. To do this, simply select the Utilities folder from your Mac’s application list and open Boot Camp Assistant
  3. You will be prompted to back up your data if you wish. It’s recommended. Click Continue to advance to the next screen.
  4. Boot Camp Assistant copies your desired Windows operating system installation files from either an ISO file, or a physical disc, onto the plugged in USB drive. Simply choose the location of the ISO file and its intended destination (the USB drive) and click Continue.
  5. Create a Partition for Windows and set aside 55 GB (Apple’s recommendation) for the latest Windows 10.
  6. With the partition completed, Boot Camp Assistant now asks you to begin installing the Windows operating system.
  7. After following a few on-screen prompts the installer asks which partition you wish to install the Windows operating system on. Simply select the partition labeled BOOTCAMP and choose Format.
  8. Continue to follow the install wizard’s commands and Windows should complete installing in around 30 minutes.

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Do you have any question regarding this guide? Use the comment box below and we shall attend to them.

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