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Learn How to Make Real Money From “GOOGLE” here

Earn Money Through GoogleIf you are thinking of the fastest way of making money online then you should not read this! Making Online is a step by step one most follow before succeeding in it. Am a living witness. Generally, in life there is never a fastest way of making money. SO I have taken my time to write down this article for any interested person to Learn How to Make Real Money From “GOOGLE” online.

Some one who is interested may start by asking the following questions listed below;

  • Is Google real?
  • Is is possible to make money from Google?
  • Can I be doing something else and still make money from Google?
  • Does Google exist in my country or location?
  • What are the required qualification i need to start making money from Google?
  • How do I start the online business so that I can earn money from Google?

All this question has been answered here. All you do now is take your time to read this article and then put every step into practice for a change of result.

1. Is Google real?

Lets start by answering whether Google is real.

It real for any one to make money through Google. You should now understand what channel can one make this money through Google.

There are different channel you can make money through Google and I shall be out listing them here and now;

1. Google Adsense – I believe that the word “GOOGLE ADSENSE” its rather not a new word to many of you. But I shall be explain what any one can achieve with Google Adsense.

Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements, that are targeted to site content and audience. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google, and they can generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis.

Google AdSense is an easy way to earn money from your online content. Simply display relevant and engaging ads on your website, mobile sites, videos,etc.

Get paid for displaying targeted Google ads on your site. Customize ads to match your site’s look.

2. DoubleClick is a subsidiary of Google which develops and provides Internet ad serving services. Its clients include agencies, marketers (Universal McCann, AKQA etc.) and publishers who serve customers like Microsoft, General Motors, Coca-Cola, Motorola, L’Oréal, Palm, Inc., Apple Inc., Visa USA, Nike, Carlsberg among others. DoubleClick’s headquarters is in New York City, United States.

3. Search Engine Optimization – Google lists websites on its results pages based on the relevance of the websites to search queries and on the authority of the websites.

The position of a particular website or blog in Google’s search rankings can be improved (this is what is called Search Engine Optimization), but this requires thorough knowledge of the various factors that Google uses to rank websites and expertise at using these factors to a website’s advantage.

Many website owners now hire SEO experts to improve their Google rankings. If you have a deep understanding of SEO especially on Google, you can make money optimizing people’s websites.

4. Blogger – Owned by Google, Blogger is a free platform; just like WordPress and Tumblr, for setting up and running blogs. If you have some knowledge, experience, or passion for a topic that you would love to share with others, then you can start a blog on that topic and share your knowledge with others who are willing to learn from you.

Once you have built a large readership, your blog will generate huge traffic consistently, and you can monetize your blog with Adsense, affiliate marketing, sales of ad private space, and so on.

5. Google Checkout – This is a payment-handling program owned by Google. While it won’t fetch you money directly, it can greatly boost your conversions and profits by serving as an easy means to receive payment from your customers or clients online. People love convenience, and they are more likely to buy a product or service if the method of payment is very convenient; and that’s what Google Checkout offers.

6. Google Jobs – This sticks out from the list because it doesn’t come with the work-from-home advantage. From time to time, Google announces job openings in its offices in the US and other countries, calling for applications from qualified individuals.

If you will love to work with one of the greatest company in the world, if you have what it takes, then apply for a job at Google when the next openings are announced, and you could end up working with one of the world’s biggest companies.

7. YouTube – YouTube is a program that allows internet users to upload vides to the web. Not only does YouTube allow you to share your videos with the world, but it also allows you to make money from them. By simply monetizing your videos with Adsense or by other methods, you will earn some cool cash based on the number of views that your videos attract.

8. Google Keyword Planner – Google Keyword Planner helps you figure out the words and phrases that people are using in their search engine queries. With this tool, business owners and bloggers can find out which keywords are most likely to attract visitors to their websites and blogs. And by optimizing their websites for these keywords, they will attract targeted visitors who will most likely take any desired action. This tool won’t fetch you quick cash, but it can help you generate huge profits in the long term.

9. Consulting – If you are highly experienced with any of Google’s tools listed above, you can make money by teaching others who are willing to learn how to use these tools. For example, if you understand everything about SEO, you can run an e-course or membership program that teaches people how to use and make the most from SEO.

10. Write a book – Another way to make money from Google is to write a book that contains information on how to use and make the most from any of Google’s tools and programs that you have used to achieve great results repeatedly.

11. Google Adwords – This is the twin of Google Adsense, but it differs slightly in that it is meant for advertisers. While Google Adwords will not fetch you money directly, it can help you attract customers to your business or visitors to your blog, which ultimately means profits for you.

One major advantage of Google Adwords is that it presents your advertisements to internet users who are searching Google with keywords related to your advert. So, your chances of achieving your campaign goals are very bright as the ads and audience are well targeted.


  • Can I be doing something else and still make money from Google?

YES, you can be doing something else and still be making big amount of money with Google. You can be a Civil servant, student, or a part-time worker and still be making your cool cash!

It may be hard for you to believe that must people do not search for jobs around, rather they stay in their comfort zone (home) to work just a little while and the money comes in always.

Some people even quit their current Job for Google money. So depending on what you want and how you want it! You can do anything.

I can use my self as an example. Blogging is what I do for my living. I use it to pay my house rent, tax, light bill, go for vacation with my friends and family. In fact am living large!

  • Does Google Business exist in my country or location?

The truth remains that Google Business is the largest online business in the world. You can be any where and still make  Real Money From “GOOGLE.

  • What are the required qualification i need to start making money from Google?

I think first thing is for you to know how Google works, then you should have a knowledge about computer because that is the tools you use for the work.



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