Learn How to Use 2go on your PC – 2go Messenger on Pc

I believe that many of us already know to Use 2go on your PC. But I still believe that there are people out there who don’t still understand how 2go Messenger works on Pc. Here are guides with image for you to understand fast and better.

Here I will  be explaining in a simple manna how 2go messenger can be use on PC free.

First, you must know the requirement need for you to download free 2go messenger on your PC.

2go Requirement for PC;

  • Your internet connection
  • An updated Java installed in your computer (Do not worry if you do not have a JAVA because your browser will direct you automatically to a website to download Java first before you can proceed on installing 2go )
  • Your User name and Password

How to Download 2go on PC;

1.) Go to; https://pc.2go.im/

2.) Provide your; Country, user Name and Password. Then click on the Log in

3.) At the top, click on PC 2go.

4.) Click on the 2go logo as shown below;

5.) At this time your java 7 oracle will pop up and load automatically. Be patient as it may take a minute or two to download the software depending on the speed of your internet connection.

6.) An installation box will pop out, first click on the smaill box marked with red then click on the run button. See what I have just explained now;

7.) A small phone-like structure will appear then Click on the start button as shown below;

8.) After all the above step, you are good to go on PC 2go.

No laugh my language because no be you get the language you dey speak now!

Learn How to Use 2go on your PC and chat with your friends and family on 2go – 2go Messenger on Pc

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