Learn How to Use SEOquake here (Photo and SEOquake Video Tutorial)

How to Use SEOquake – This is very important for any webmaster. SEOquake is a popular and handy analytic seo-tool for Firefox, Chrome and Opera browsers. SEOquake helps to obtain an information about any site for a wide range of parameters such as page rank, Google index, Alexa and many others.

Keyword Density tool serves to demonstrate a number of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page. SEOquake has a parameter that highlights noffolow links.

SEOquake Toolbar shows values of the parameters under each search result in SERP of Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Baidu.

The SEOquake toolbar is easy to install and takes a couple of seconds.

*About 1 400 000 downloads for version of the Firefox, and 600 000 downloads for Opera and Chrome versions.

There are two SEOquake styles available:

The SEOtoolbar – a toolbar that is integrated into one’s browser as a supplementary toolbar which displays a list of site parameters. It is enabled by default.

To make available changes for SEOtoolbar you need to open Preferences/Toolbar tab.

The Seobar – is a flexible block that provides various site parameters for the page being viewed.

It may be used in fixed or movable mode, minimized or expanded, and positioned horizontally or vertically. Its appearance can even be customized using CSS.

To make changes for SEObar open Preferences/Toolbar tab.

Note: If utilizing a large number of parameters, it is more convenient to use the SEObar.

How SEOquake data is loaded may also be customized:

The default setting will display parameter values “on page load” – all parameters will load automatically for each page viewed.

The option to load parameters “by request” minimizes traffic and decreases the likelihood of bans, since parameters are hidden until a user requests them.

SERP modules load the relative parameters for all the links each specific search engine provides for one’s request.

By default, the SEOquake module in SERP is enabled for Google, Yahoo, Yahoo Siteexplorer, Bing, Yandex and Baidu. Users may deselect enabled modules if SEOquake data is not desired. Loading parameters by request is also an option for SERP modules.

To make changes for SEOquake in SE modules open Preferences/SERP tab.

SEOquake Review Page: This is how it look after downloading and installing on your browser:


SEOquake review


Here are the Links to download SEOquake depending on the browser you use:

Install SEOquake for Firefox

Try SEOquake for Google Chrome

Try beta SEOquake for Opera

Try beta SEOquake for Safari

Watch other SEOquake videos on YouTube:


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