Learn how to use WhatsApp Messenger on PC free

Today in Online Dailys, I will be sharing to you how to use WhatsApp Messenger on PC free. As a matter of fact, WhatsApp is being used by millions of users daily all over the world.

They simply use this application to stay connected with friends, family and dear ones. This application is available for almost all mobile operating system such as: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, s40 and Symbian phones.

Before you proceed, I want you to understand that although, there is no WhatsApp Messenger application for PC, and this has become a big issue for users, as some users are always on PC, and it’s kind of stressful to be working on PC and at the same time replying to messages on phone.

Moreover some avid computer users like me prefer to use physical keyboard over touch screen keyboards, so in my quest to finding a solution to this i.e. to be able to use WhatsApp on my PC, I was able to come across an awesome app capable of running an emulator called BlueStack.
Lets talk of the software that is reponsible for the posibility of WhatsApp Messenger working on PC, “BlueStack.”
BlueStack is compatible with the most used computers operating systems including: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Mac OS X.

To know more about BlueStack and downloading links, CLICK HERE
Below are the steps I under go to use WhatsApp Messenger on my PC. Is simple and interesting.

Steps to Use WhatsApp Messenger on Computer
1. First download and install BlueStacks on your computer. It supports all
versions of Windows and Mac OS X.

2. Launch BlueStacks, and you will be greeted with the BlueStack home

3. Now click on Search icon on the top right corner of Bluestack home,
enter WhatsApp, click on Find button, and then finally hit the Install

4. After clicking on the Install button as explained in the step above,
WhatsApp will now be installed on your PC. Now start WhatsApp Messenger on
Bluestack, you will have to provide your phone number to get a verification
code and then enter the 6 digit verification code to get verified to start
using WhatsApp Messenger on your PC (Note: if you didn’t receive the
verification code via sms, you can use the Call me option to get a call
from WhatsApp with the verification code).

5. Once the verification process is complete, you will be able to create
your account, add contacts and enjoy WhatsApp messenger on your computer.

Learn Great method of using whatsapp on PC here

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