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Learn How to Print from Smartphone or Tablet

Learn How to Print from Smartphone or Tablet

How to Print from Smartphone or Tablet – Printing documents from your smartphone or tablet directly can be one of the most powerful ways to increase your productivity or enjoy instant gratification, which is taking pictures which you are sure your hand will see immediately.

We understand that most time any one might either need a hard copy of an important files for home or business, a variety of new applications, Internet services and devices are now facilitating the process of printing forms, reports, contracts and more remotely when you want.

With the fact that there has been an increment in Mobile Technology usage as a primary computer, many large technology manufacturers now provide free, downloadable applications to promote mobile printing, ideal for a variety of purposes: print holiday photos, art projects children, copies of business documents, etc., whose usefulness is indisputable both at home and on the way to vacation. This has also expanded their technology market by building various kind of printing device solution like; Bluetooth printing machine, Wifi printing machine, and other wireless printing machine device.

There are many available  solutions for the diversity of popular operating systems and compatible wireless printers in the market. just as i have listed before. So I think before you get one for your self you need to know the complete features of that printer before purchasing it.

How to Print from Smartphone or Tablet

At this point you have to make sure that the printer you want to use in printing your file, Document, Photo, etc. is either Bluetooth printing machine, Wifi printing machine (or other wireless enabled).

  1. Now ON the printing machine with your mobile phone
  2. on your Bluetooth in your mobile phone. And also selecting print via bluetooth in the printer too
  3. Use you phone to pair both of them.
  4. Now you can send your document to the printing machine to start printing

Here are List of Best Printing machines Companies you can have for your self.

This machines also have the wireless facility to print for your mobile phone and email. For maintenance you can get there accessories so easy. So therefore, your smartphones, iPone, Tablet can print document directly now!

  • Brother
  • Canon
  • Epson
  • HP
  • Kodak
  • Lexmark

How to Print via email

Many major manufacturers such as HP and Epson also offer the ability to print remotely by simply sending files to an email address associated with a specific printer. Check your manual or manufacturer’s website for more information on configuring these services on select devices connected to the Internet.


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