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Learn How to Redeem GTCoin & Earn More GTB-Coins Everyday

GTBank being one of the best banks with credible services to customers all over Nigeria, it has come an enticing deal to their customers which is the “GT Coin”. The Gt coins are customers’ loyalty reward which the bank has put in place to encourage customers who use the 737 platform, mobile banking and internet banking for transactions. But so unfortunately that at the end of every month, if you do not spend your accumulated GT coins, you forfeit it for the month.

That is why we have made this page to enable you to know how to redeem GT coin, as well earn more of it if you can do all it takes to get it.

Although many customers (like me) who does an online transfer using the internet banking on daily bases earns lots of GT coins by now, but you do not know what it means or how to make use of it for your own advantage, this page is also for you to learn how to redeem it. In fact, the GTcoins is real!


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How to Earn More GTB-Coin Everyday

For every transaction done, you get a certain amount of coins.
1. NIP Transactions: 5 GTCoins
2. Airtime purchases: 5 GTCoins
3. Bill Payments on 737, Mobile and Internet Banking: 5 GTCoins
4. SKS Standing Instructions: 10 GTCoins
5. Funding of Dormant Accounts: 10 GTCoins

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How to Redeem GTCoin Online

Gtcoins can be redeemed via internet banking

  1. Please login via www.gtbank.com
  2. Click on Online banking, then fill your user ID and password
  3. Click on My account
  4. Click on Redeem Gtcoins
  5. Select the network that you want to recharge with your earned coins
  6. Done!


What is GT coin Symbol?

So funny that some people inquisitive to know how the coin looks like, well this isn’t the bitcoin and the rest you may have been hearing about, besides there is nothing like symbol and you can only use that coin on GTBank website or platform – ONLY!

Please Note:

→ If you do not spend your accumulated GT coins every month then you forfeit it for the month and start gathering/earning new coin again.
→ If you withdraw from another bank’s ATM you will lose 20GTCoins.
→ You require at least 200Gtcoins to redeem airtime.
→ 1 GT coin is equivalent to N1.


Use the comment box below, tell me how you feel about the process to earn the GTcoins and conditions to spend it.

Also, share this page, cos doing so you may be helping someone who has lots of GT coins to redeem online.



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