Learn How To Start An Online Store Business In Nigeria

Learn How To Start An Online Store Business In Nigeria

Before we go into teaching how you can Learn How To Start An Online Store Business In Nigeria, it is important we inform you that Online Store, e-commerce business and online shopping sites are all the same and can be used interchangeable. Having said this, let’s go ahead with our guidelines and steps on what you need to do.

We know that people love to make money online. And one major way of earning online is for you to Learn How To Start An Online Store Business In Nigeria. And, we believe you really want to do it and that’s why you are reading this. We will try to give you every detail and guide you need on this to help you do what you want to do.

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Also, we discovered that people are much eager to Learn How To Start An Online Store Business In Nigeria, but few even bother to consider the costs and the implications. We will take time to enumerate majority of the things you will need in starting up your own online shop. You can now make much inquiries concerning the cost. We deliberately will not add any cost to them because prices can change at anytime.

Learn How To Start An Online Store Business In Nigeria

So, let’s look at what it will cost you to open up your own online store in Nigeria. Are you ready?

  1. A Website
  2. Payment Integration on your website. That is, means of your customers paying you when they purchase from your store.
  3. Domain and Website Hosting.
  4. Website Logo with Banner Designs
  5. Small Office Space: this could be anywhere even your home, if you can’t afford to rent an official place.
  6. Four Office Chairs and A Table (depending on where your office is).
  7. Two refurbished Laptop Computers or even desktop computers.
  8. Electricity Generator & fuel budget.
  9. Internet Modem and Monthly Subscription.
  10. Delivery Courier arrangement and Deposit: this people will handle your delivery across the country and collect cash for you too.
  11. Two Delivery Bikes Plus Branding and Helmet: this could cover for deliveries within your immediate locality.
  12. One Contract Staff.
  13. One Dispatch Rider.
  14. You must do Company Registration.
  15. Stationery, Letter Head, etc.
  16. Advert Budget.
  17. Miscellaneous Expenses.

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After These requirements, what next?

Please, note the above requirements must not all be met at once. However, some of them are more important than the others. Also, in a bid to cut cost, if one item can serve two purposes, you could start with just one than buying both. The aim is to start little; grow big.

  1. Choose the type of goods and products you will sell on your site.
  2. Go for company registration.
  3. Get an offline store where your goods will be stored. You could also enter into partnership with other marketers who will be in charge of the goods while you focus on the selling of the goods online.
  4. Also, get a good photographer, who will give good shot of your products to increase it’s appeal online.
  5. After you have done these and have gotten your website ready with addition to every necessary thing, start your business.

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How To Make A Good Beginning

Entering into the online store business won’t be easy. This is because, many shops are already in existence. However, with these few tips, you could start well.

  1. Create a very compelling advert online.
  2. Make sure your photography of your goods are world-class.
  3. Start with a promotion. Give people reason why they should patronize your stores and not others.
  4. Be creative.

Finally, if TSTV could come up with great ideas to disrupt the monopoly of the DSTV in Pay-tv, you too can.

Good luck and success. We hope you will use everything learnt in this guide: Learn How To Start An Online Store Business In Nigeria to great effect.

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