Lenovo Softwares and Drivers: How to Download & Update for Free

Your Lenovo computer might be missing some important software updates and you don’t know, or you may already be experiencing some misfunctioning of your device.

The best and most recommended way of getting it fixed (for free) is logging in to the products official website (that is the device manufacturer) to get the original software and drives by the device manufacturer.

On this page, we have shown how its done, and of course, it is free.

Accessing Lenovo Official Website

You really do not need to Sign up for Lenovo account before gaining access into the main website.

But one of the benefits of doing that is to enable you to get fresh updates when there are updates for your device. Another is that your devices and other details you carry out in the portal will be saved and enable you to access them again without having to go through the staring process as shown below.

You decide to sign up for Lenovo account then visit – https://support.lenovo.com/ng/en/ and navigate to “My Account”, then select to either Sign in or Register for a new account.

Benefits of Download & Updating Lenovo Software from the Manufactural’s Page

  • You are sure to get an accurate software best for your device. The manufacturer has checked the software before making it available on the page. So you won’t be downloading corrupted files unto your computer
  • You get new software updates for your device for free.
  • And of course, downloading and updating is free.
  • The Lenovo website can automatically get your device serial number and provide you will information missing in it.

How to Download or Update Software from the Lenovo’s Portal

  1. Go to the main Lenovo Page here.
  2. Select a product you want to download or update software. For this page, we’re selecting “PC”.

    Alternatively, you can select for the Lenovo technical support page to detect your product, it is the same product you are using to access the Lenovo technical support page.
  3. Now you are on the product page where you have to enter the name or the serial number of the device you need help with (for example, ThinkPad T495, 100e Chromebook). Or select “Detect Product” – if it’s the same product you are using right to access the page.
  4. Now you can see your product type and serial number. Also on the same page, you’ll further select your purpose of being here.

    Select “Drives & Software” or “Update my System” to update or download mew drives and software.
  5. Select “Start Scan” and wait for the scan to complete to show you things needed to be fixed or missing in your device.
  6. Then select “Update Drivers” and wait for the process to complete. Please note that your computer may request for rebot to complete the process.
lenovo software and drivers installing
Lenovo software and drivers installing for PC

The image above shows those software and drivers that are successfully installed, while others still in progress.

You can also manually download each of the drivers of software you need for your device, simply select the “Manual Update” tab to select the particular drivers of software you want.

Make sure to reboot your device once the process is complete.

Please Note

The steps will defer in other devices like Phone, Watch, etc (except PC). That is, you will need other steps and instructions to download and install any software for it.


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