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When it comes to online betting in Nigeria, few can compete with LionsBet Nigeria. LionsBet has offices in Nigeria and Zambia. It has been existing for about 3 years now. No report of failed transaction or winning  not paid out. LionsBet remains one of the best betting sites in Nigeria today. We will show you guide on LionsBet New Account registration. Every detail you will need is outlined here.

To complete the LionsBet new account registration, you will need to have a functional email address. LionsBet has offices located all around Nigeria. So, you can decide to play online or visit the offline stores to place your bets. One Major advantage of the LionsBet is that it offers one of the best odds in the betting market today. So, if you are ready, let’s show you how to create a LionsBet account easily.

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Good news! Are you an MTN subscriber? LionsBet allows you to place your Bet even when you don’t have data. Yes. You can visit LionsBet website at anytime you don’t even have data to browse. Now, what are you waiting for?

LionsBet New Account Registration

Like we pointed out earlier, LionsBet is located both in Zambia and Nigeria. But this guide is primarily focused on having a Nigerian account. So, to create your LionsBet account, here is what to do.

  1. Log onto
  2. To the far right, click on “Register”.
  3. Then a  registration form will be opened flr you. You are expected to fill all the details there. It includes your username, email address, password, full names etc.
  4. Then, you are expected to click on you are above 18 and agree to the terms and conditions on the site.
  5. Finally, click on select verification mode. There are two options: SMS verification and email verification. Anyone you select will determine where your verification code will be sent to.
  6. click on “sign up”.
  7. Congrats, you now have a LionsBet account created for you.

Fund LionsBet Nigeria

Let’s show you how to fund LionsBet with your ATM card. All you need is to have your Customer ID which is the unique four-digit number assigned to your account. Your Customer ID is found on the top right side on web and in the user detail page on mobile.Steps To Follow

  1. Insert Your ATM card and Enter Your Pin.
  2. Select “QuickTeller” or “Pay Bills”
  3. Click on Others
  4. In the merchant code type in the below: 04260202 – ₦ 500 ; 04260203 – ₦ 1,000; 04260204 – ₦ 2,000; 04260205 – ₦ 3,000 ; 04260206 – ₦ 4,000; 04260207 – ₦ 5,000; 04260201 – Other Amounts
  5. Enter your LionsBet Customer ID then click on ‘Proceed’
  6. After entering your ID, it will bring up your name. If it brings up another name, that means you have entered the wrong ID so cancel it and do it again.
  7. Some machines will ask you to put your telephone number. Enter it and they will send you a confirmation message.

Now you have completed the LionsBet New Account Registration and have funded your account, then start betting your games and win massive cash rewards.

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How To Place A Bet

To place a bet you are required to have an active and funded LionsBet account with a minimum of N50.

  1. Then you can login and navigate to the left hand side of the page.
  2. Please select the type of sport, league and category you wish to place a bet on as you choose a bet type.
  3. Your betslip would immediately become visible at the top right hand corner of our Lionsbet page.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to bet with in the ”stake box” and then
  5. click on ”place bet”.
  6. You would be issued a betslip afterwards.

Good luck

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