List of Africa Magic 2015 Award

List of Africa Magic 2015 Award for Best Actor and Actress Comedy

List of Africa Magic 2015 Award

List of Africa Magic 2015 Award – The AfricaMagic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA) returns this year with a list of the biggest movers and shakers in Africa’s entertainment scene.

The Best Actor and Actress in a Comedy category boasts nominees that have to be able to bring humour across in a fresh and funny way. The characters need to be able to connect with the viewers and make them smile, chuckle and ultimately break out in rib cracking laughter. Heavily dominated by Nigerian actors with the exception of one nominee from Kenya, let’s take a closer look at the funny characters of 2014.

The Best Actor in a Comedy category boasts nominees are:

Kunle Idowu – The Interview: A Tale of Frank Donga
Frank Donga, without trying to be funny, is exactly just that. His character is naïve, desperate and as real as it gets. There is a real hunger and disillusionment with the system that brings out the worst in Frank. As a graduate looking for a job and also applying for a visa, his raw emotions and unintelligent answers mirror the plight of many – a sad but funny truth.

Femi Jacobs – The Meeting
Femi Jacobs plays a character who is optimistic about a meeting with a minister in Abuja, Nigeria. He encounters a bunch of different characters in the waiting room and they all find ways in fast tracking their ever-changing appointments. In a space of a few days, he changes plans, finds love and eventually has his happily-ever-after ending with the minister.

Wale Ojo – Meet the Adebanjos
Wale Ojo is the funny dad in Meet the Adebanjos. Set in London, he is the typical Nigerian man in a city that has its own rules about life, family and society. His children are British and the humour comes across when these two cultures clash under the same roof. Together they must make it work while finding a way to remain true to themselves.

Kelechi Udegbe – Horn Free Day
Imagine being in a city like Lagos, known for its hustle and bustle, liveliness and traffic congestion and the Lagos State government decides to have an experiment by declaring a horn free day? Kelechi Udegbe’s character typifies the average Lagosian motorist; selfish, aggressive and funny without trying. He is too busy going about his business to care if his actions affect others.

Gerald Langiri – Fundi-mentals
You must remember the Kenyan actor Gerald Langiri, who starred in the controversial filmHouse of Lungula. The same company worked on his new film Fundi-Mentals. Gerald plays Joseph, who is not your typical fundi and his unorthodox method of fixing things is what makes viewers laugh. Together with his assistant Moses, the duo parade themselves as the best fundis in Kinoo estate, giving their customers unforgettable experiences.

Nonso Diobi – The Last Three Digits
Alex, played by Nonso Diobi, is a man on a mission to connect with Audrey after a chance meeting. Armed with her incomplete phone number, he begins to try different numbers in hope that one will lead him to his true love. He calls all sorts of people in different parts of the world till he ends up in the den of a violent gang with not so funny consequences.

The Best Actress in a Comedy category boasts nominees are:

Folly – Joke Silva has played every character under the Nollywood sun. Now in her 50s, the trained thespian and consummate actress is not slowing down. She continues to challenge herself by taking on different roles.

In Folly, she plays the mother figure to the characters played by Yvonne Nelson and Belinda Effah and it’ll be hard to keep a straight face while watching her emote on screen.

When Love Happens – Weruche Opia got us laughing and giggling when she played Oluwanimoduroti (Mo) Bankole-Smith in the romantic comedy, When Love Happens. From her facial expressions to her different accents, she epitomised the typical I-just-got-back-from-jandbabe. With her romantic heart, you will easily laugh along and forgive some of her very naïve moves.

The Meeting – Rita Dominic as Clara Ikemba in The Meeting is one character you will not forget in a hurry. Blame it on the makeup, the costume or her melodramatic genuflections, Clara is your everyday character that is caught up in the system and is looking for what she can get. Her response “OYO (meaning “on your own”) is their case” is a line that summarises the plight of the characters waiting to have a meeting with the minister.

A Letter from Adam – Lydia Forson is one actress who likes to push herself. Not only did she feature in A Letter from Adam, but she also wrote and produced it. Her onscreen romance withTinsel actor Wale Ojo is hot and sizzling. Her character is in search of love and goes through the adventure of a lifetime with several men. One minute she is hot, the next she is as cold as ice. This character metamorphosis is what keeps you watching (and laughing) ’til the end.

I Come Lagos – Nse Ikpe Etim won the Best Actress – Drama award at the 2014 AMVCA. Now she is back in the running but this time for a comedic performance. Just imagine your typical village girl in the big city – a formula sure to provide you with laughs.

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