List Of Common Disease And Infection In Nigeria - Control Measures

List Of Common Disease And Infection In Nigeria – Control Measures

There are different and many diseases as well as infections in Nigeria today. People break down daily with one sickness or the other on daily basis. The hospitals are filled up every second and money is spent in treating these diseases. Perhaps, knowing the List Of Common Disease And Infection In Nigeria, as well as their control measures would go a long way in helping solve the situation.

Before we talk about the List Of Common Disease And Infection In Nigeria – Control Measures, we must know that a disease is different from an infection. A disease can be referred to as sickness. Infections are all those diseases that can be transmitted from one person to another. Eg include Ebola, tuberculosis etc.

List Of Common Disease And Infection In Nigeria – Control Measures

Below are few of the disease and infections in Nigeria.


Malaria could be considered as the most prevailing sickness in the country. Virtually everybody complains of malaria at one point or the other. Despite its “commonness”, it also leads to death if not properly treated and treated effectively.

Control Measures

Malaria can be controlled and prevented in the following ways:

  • Maintain good personal hygiene.
  • Maintain proper environmental hygiene.
  • Constant washing of the drainages, sewages and gutters.
  • Clearing of surrounding bushes.
  • Sleeping in mosquito nets
  • Periodical medical checkup
  • Also, taking night bites help prevent mosquito bites. Etc.

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Monkey Pox

The monkey pox disease is the latest dread in Nigeria today. Apart from Ebola, it is another disease that is causing serious uneasy in the nation today. Monkey pox is an infectious disease caused by the monkeypox virus. The disease was first identified in laboratory monkeys, hence its name, but in its natural state it seems to infect rodents more often than primates.

Control Measures

There is no known cure for the monkey pox. However, the spread can be controlled by the

  1. Vaccination against smallpox (85% effective).
  2. Restricting or banning the movement of small African mammals and monkeys around you.
  3. Maintenance of high hygiene and protection while handling animals.

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

High BP as it is commonly called is very dangerous. It can lead to partial or even total stroke of the body. Most times, it leads to death also. High BP occurs when the blood pressure consistently beats above the medically normal standard for humans. Some of the cause include stress, depression, excessive worry, failures, disappointments, heart break etc.

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Control Measures

High BP can be prevented by

  1. Avoiding stressful activities
  2. Reduction of salt and alcohol intake
  3. Watching of body weight.
  4. Adequate sleep, rest and exercise.
  5. Frequent BP checking, etc.


The Human immune-deficiency virus (HIV) and the Acquired Immune Deficiency Virus (AIDS) is an infectious disease gotten most especially from sexual intercourse. It could also be transferred when one shares sharp objects (needles, pins, clippers etc) with an infected person. It could also be transferred from a pregnant mother to her child.

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Control Measures

  • Abstinence
  • Use of protection during sexual intercourse (condom, although it’s not 100% safe).
  • Proper screening of blood before transfusion
  • Avoid sharing sharp objects.
  • Safe injection practices
  • Proper circumcision of male children
  • Sticking to one sexual partner and ensuring both are tested to be negative.


This is a very worrisome sickness. It is the unpleasant nasal congestion with a build-up of mucus, usually in the nose, throat, ears or chest. Once you are hit with it, you find it difficult to breathe. Most times, you may have to open your mouth to aid breathing.

Control Measures

  1. Use inhalers.
  2. Avoid dusty places.
  3. Dust your housing and housing equipment occasionally.
  4. Treat common colds or flus immediately.

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We have been able to look at the List Of Common Disease And Infection In Nigeria – Control Measures. Do well to help yourself stay safe. Kindly share this to help someone else also. Thank you.

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