List Of Federal Universities And School Fees In Nigeria

Are you planning to apply to any federal university in Nigeria? It is a great vision. It is very important to know the school fees (tuition fees) payable in these federal universities in Nigeria today. This is why we have brought to you the Federal Universities And School Fees In Nigeria so you can know the ones you may be able to afford.

We know that education is quite costly in Nigerian universities. Furthermore, given the economic state of the country, a lot of people find it difficult to cope when admitted. We also have found out that many people, after getting admission, drop immediately because of the high tuition fees. This could be avoided if they knew how much they schools were paying before applying. To avoid that scenario, we have brought to you the Federal Universities And School Fees In Nigeria.

Federal Universities And School Fees In Nigeria

Here are the listed federal universities in Nigeria and how much they charge for school fees.


Tuition Fees

Ahmadu Bello UniversityN27,000 – N41,000
University of LagosN55,000 for science and N50,000 for non science, while satellite is around N15,000
University of IbadanN18,000 to N23,000: Returning Students: N17,000 to N35,000.
Obafemi Awolowo University, OAUN60,000
Federal University of Technology, AkureFRESHERS-83,940, (Comes with tablet)
Federal University of Technology, OwerriN48,300 TO N49,000
Nnamdi Azikiwe University, UNIZIKUnizik freshers: N65,920-Sciences and N60,920-Non-sciences, Old students N20,100
Usman Danfodio UniversityN32,000 to N43,000
University Of UyoN60,000 for medical, engineering and some courses in the faculty of art, others are around N56,000.
University Of Nigeria NsukkaN50,000
University Of BeninN45,000 for Art but for Science N49,500 (For Freshers) (STAYLITE SCIENCE-N14,000, STAYLITE ART-N12,000)
University Of Calabar28,000
* FEDPOLY ILORA –> N59,530
FUNAABFRESHERS- N32,000 excluding engineering and vet. Med. students which pay additional N10,000 while stalite pays N20,250(for 200l), N18,250(for 300l nd above).
Federal University Of Petroleum Resources, (FUPRE)Acceptance Fee- N30,000
School Fees- N66,150
Accommodation- N30,000
Field Trip- N15,000
UNILORINFRESHER – N75,500, (400L- N14900, 300L- N15400, 200L,- N16000).
* ABSU –> N150,000.
Abu ZariaN25,250 to N27,750 for fresher depending on department

This information is as gotten from Nigeriaschool website.

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Perhaps you are a student in one of these universities, please do well to correct us on the Federal Universities And School Fees In Nigeria if we were wrong. Together we make a difference.

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