List of Champions League Winners Since 1992 Till Date

The UEFA Champions League is the number one club competition in the world. The competition first began in 1955 but in 1992, its format was changed to what it is now. Since 1992, there have been different Champions League Winners. This is why we will be taking a look at List of Champions League Winners Since 1992 till date.

List of Champions Leagu WinnersThis article Champions League Winners Since 1992 will run the list of winners from the period within review as well as the runners-up, their countries and scores. We shall know the highest winning clubs and countries as well. Read on!!!

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List Of Champions League Winners Since 1992

2015-16 Real Madrid Spain Atlético Madrid Spain 1-1 (5-3)
2014-15 Barcelona Spain Juventus Italy 3-1
2013-14 Real Madrid Spain Atlético Madrid Spain 4-1
2012-13 Bayern Munich Germany Borussia Dortmund Germany 2-1
2011-12 Chelsea England Bayern Munich Germany 1-1 (4–3)
2010-11 Barcelona Spain Manchester United England 3-1
2009-10 Internazionale Italy Bayern Munich Germany 2-0
2008-09 Barcelona Spain Manchester United England 2-0
2007-08 Manchester United England Chelsea England 1-1 (6–5)
2006-07 Milan Italy Liverpool England 2-1
2005-06 Barcelona Spain Arsenal England 2-1
2004-05 Liverpool England Milan Italy 3-3
2003-04 Porto Portugal Monaco France 3-0
2002-03 Milan Italy Juventus Italy 0-0
2001-02 Real Madrid Spain Bayer Leverkusen Germany 2-1
2000-01 Bayern Munich Germany Valencia Spain 1-1
1999-2000 Real Madrid Spain Valencia Spain 3-0
1998-99 Manchester United England Bayern Munich Germany 2-1
1997-98 Real Madrid Spain Juventus Italy 1-0
1996-97 Borussia Dortmund Germany Juventus Italy 3-1
1995-96 Juventus Italy Ajax Netherlands 1-1
1994-95 Ajax Netherlands Milan Italy 1-0
1993-94 Milan Italy Barcelona Spain 4-0
1992-93 Marseille France Milan Italy 1-0
1991-92 Barcelona Spain Sampdoria Italy 1-0


Highest Champions League Winners (Clubs)

Champions League WinnersReal Madrid and Barcelona are the two most successful clubs in the champions League since 1992. Both have won the trophy for a record 5 times. The two clubs are also the most successful clubs in the world and Spain as well.

They are immediately trailed by AC Milan of Italy with 3 trophies. Manchester United and Bayern Munich are both tied at 2 each. Chelsea, Inter Milan, Ac Milan, Liverpool, Olympic Marseille, Ajax, Juventus, Borussia Dortmund are all one-time winners since 1992.

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Highest Champions League Winners (Country)

spain-flagIn this category, Spanish clubs have won a record total of 10 trophies, Italy 5 has won five times. English clubs have 4 while Germany has produced 3 titles. France, Netherlands and Portugal have won it once. Although clubs from Spain have won it a record 10 times, only 2 teams Barcelona and Real Madrid have done so. England however, has produced 3 different winners: Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea.

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