List of Abbreviation Words Used in the Text

Here we are going to be listing out Acronym Words which are commonly used in text write up. But before them, we shall first explain the full meaning of Acronym.

From understanding the definition of Acronym you should be able to know the meaning of Abbreviation Words

What is An Acronym?

An Acronym is an abbreviation words formed by (usually inital) letters taken from a word or series of words, that is itself pronounced as a word. for example; RAM, radar, etc.

List of Abbreviation Words Used in the Text


  1. AIDS- Acquired Immune-Deficiency Syndrome
  2. Ed.- Bachelor of Education
  3. CAPMM- Catchment Area-based Planning Management and Monitoring
  4. CBN – Central Bank of Nigeria
  5. CBO- Community-Based Organisations
  6. CEA- Comprehensive Education Analysis
  7. CISP- Computer In School Programme
  8. COE- College of Education
  9. COREN- Council for Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria
  10. CRC – Child Right Convention
  11. DFID- Department for International Development (UK)
  12. DLS – Distance Learning System
  13. DPRS – Department of Planning, Research and Statistics
  14. EDB – Education Data Bank
  15. EFA- Education For All EFA
  16. GMR – Global Monitoring Report
  17. ESA- Education Sector Analysis
  18. ESSR- Education Sector Status Report
  19. ETF- Education Tax Fund
  20. EMIS- Education Management Information System
  21. FGN – Federal Government of Nigeria
  22. FIS- Federal Inspectorate Service
  23. FFAC- Finance Fiscal Allocation Committee
  24. FME – Federal Ministry of Education
  25. FOS- Federal Office of Statistics
  26. FRN- Federal Republic of Nigeria
  27. GCE- General Certificate of Education
  28. GDP – Gross Domestic Product
  29. GER – Gross Enrolment Ratio
  30. GIR – Gross Intake Rate
  31. GNP- Gross National Product
  32. HIS – Higher Islamic Studies
  33. HIV- Human Immunodeficiency Virus
  34. HMSO- His/Her Majesty’s Stationery Office
  35. HND- Higher National Diploma
  36. ICT- Information and Communication Technology
  37. II EP- International Institute for Educational Planning
  38. IJAMB- Interim Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board
  39. ILO- International Labour Organization
  40. ISI- Import Substitution Industrialization
  41. JAMB- Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board
  42. JCCE – Joint Consultative Committee on Education
  43. JICA – Japanese International Co- operation Agency
  44. JSCE – Junior Secondary Certificate Examination
  45. JSE – Junior Secondary Education
  46. LGEA- Local Government Education Authority
  47. Ed.- Master of Education
  48. MHDR- Millennium Human Development Report
  49. MICS- Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys
  50. MLA – Monitoring of Learning Achievement
  51. NABTEB – National Business & Technical Examinations Board
  52. NALV – Nigerian Arabic Language Village
  53. NAPEP- National Poverty Eradication Programme
  54. NAR – Net Attendance Ratio
  55. NBTE- National Board for Technical Education
  56. NCCE – National Commission for Colleges Of Education
  57. NCE- Nigeria Certificate of Education
  58. NCNE- National Commission for Nomadic Education
  59. NCP- National Commission for Polytechnics
  60. ND- National Diploma
  61. NDE- National Directorate of Employment
  62. NDHS- Nigeria Demographic and Health Survey
  63. NECO – National Examinations Council
  64. NERDC- Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council
  65. NETC- National Educational Technology Centre
  66. NFLV – Nigeria-French Language Village
  67. NGO- Non-Governmental Organisation
  68. NIEPA- National Institute for Educational Planning and Administration
  69. NINLAN- National Institute for Nigerian Languages
  70. NISER- National Institute for Social and Economic Research
  71. NMB – National Manpower Board
  72. NMEC- National Mass Education Commission (National Commission for Mass Literacy, Adult and Non–Formal Education)
  73. NNCAE- Nigerian National Council on Adult Education
  74. NOAS – National Open Apprenticeship Scheme
  75. NOUN- National Open University of Nigeria
  76. NPC – National Population Commission
  77. NPEC- National Primary Education Commission
  78. NPOM – National Productivity Order of Merit
  79. NTI – National Teachers Institute
  80. NUC- National Universities Commission
  81. OAU- Obafemi Awolowo University
  82. ODL- Open and Distance Learning
  83. PES – Primary Education Studies
  84. PRS- Planning, Research and Statistics
  85. PRSP- Poverty Reduction Strategy Programme
  86. PSMB – Primary Schools Management Board
  87. PTTP- Pivotal Teacher Training Programme
  88. REFLECT- Regenerated Freirean Literacy through Empowering Community Techniques
  89. SAA – Situation Assessment and Analysis xviii SAP Structural Adjustment Programme
  90. SAPA- Situation and Policy Analysis SME Small and Medium Scale Enterprises
  91. SMEC- State Mass Education Commission
  92. SMOE – State Ministries of Education
  93. SPEB – State Primary Education Board
  94. SSCE – Senior Secondary Certificate Examination
  95. SSE- Senior Secondary Education
  96. STM- Science, Technology & Mathematics
  97. STVE – Science, Technology & Vocational Education
  98. TFR – Total Fertility Rate
  99. TSE – Technology & Science Education
  100. TVE- Technical Vocational Education
  101. TVET – Technical & Vocational Education and Training
  102. UBE – Universal Basic Education
  103. UBEC – Universal Basic Education Commission
  104. UK- United Kingdom
  105. UME/DE- University Matriculation Examination/Direct Entry
  106. UNESCO- United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
  107. UNICEF – United Nations Children Fund
  108. USAID – United States Agency for International Development
  109. UPE – Universal Primary Education
  110. VAT- Value Added Tax
  111. WAEC – West African Examinations Council




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