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An Online University provides a flexible learning environment on the internet hereby registered and admitted Students access lectures and tutorials online.

An Online learning environment is flexible, you study whenever you are ready as long as you can commit a specified number of hours weekly. An Online University provides a global learning environment making it possible to network with students from all over the world.

Things To Consider Before Choosing An Online College Courses

  1. Before studying online, you must make sure that the course you are interested in is available in the online colleges.
  2. Cost of material
  3. Method of learning online

Here are some of the most popular online degree courses:

  1. Masters in Business Administration MBA
  2. Human Resource Management
  3. Marketing & Accounting / Financial & Economic Literacy
  4. Computer Science / Digital Literacy & IT Skills
  5. Law
  6. Nursing
  7. Network Management Information Technology IT
  8. Health
  9. Software Engineering
  10. Electrical Engineering
  11. Arts and Design
  12. Business and Enterprise Skills
  13. Health & Safety & Compliance
  14. Health Literacy
  15. Personal Development & Soft Skills
  16. Arabic Language Skills
  17. Diploma Courses
  18. English Language Skills
  19. French Language Skills
  20. Schools Curriculum

Here are List of Accredited Online College Courses and their website address

S/NO List of Accredited Online College Courses



1. University of Liverpool Online
2. Must University Online
3. University of London External
4. Walden University Online
5. National Open University
6. Online Courses Nigeria


We are still searching for latest updates on list of Accredited Online College Courses and their website address.

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