List of Banks Offering Mobile Money Agency Service and their Requirements

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Ecobank Mobile Money Agent

Ecobank mobile money agent platform is another great bank offering the money agent service, allowing you to earn top commission helping customers far from their various banks or want a quick transaction. They call theirs “Ecobank Xpress™ Point Agent

The Ecobank ways are not different from that of Access or other banks listed after.

But the unique features of Ecobank mobile money agent includes that;

  • you need a minimum of ₦10,000 as float capital you can start and you can actually start your application online.
  • your customers can make payment at your locations from their mobile phones by scanning a unique and dedicated Quick Response (QR) code with immediate credit to your account.

other services or features are listed below;

Services You will Offer

  • open accounts,
  • make deposits and withdrawals,
  • arrange transfers and remittances,
  • pay bills and top up their airtime. 

Eligibility Requirements Are As Follows:

  • An existing business of your own (registered business)
  • A fixed business address/location
  • A mobile phone/laptop with internet access
  • A minimum of ₦10,000 as float capital

The Ecobank’s Benefits:

  • Financial reward for winning new customers
  • Commission on customer transactions
  • Performance fees for meeting set targets
  • Regular training and support

How to Apply for Ecobank Mobile Money Agent

You either walk into any Ecobank branch and ask for their mobile money agency forms. Then fillup the form and you’re set for business.

Please note that you need to have a registered business.


Use the online form HERE. But might still have to reach any branch closet to you.

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