List of Banks Offering Mobile Money Agency Service and their Requirements

GTExpress Mobile Money Agency (GTBank)

GTBank is as well offering the same money agent service across the states. Its platform is called “GTExpress”.

And the same services are offered; which is allowing these non-banking outlets (agent locations) to provide simple and basic banking services such as Account Opening (Instant Accounts), Cash deposit and Withdrawal via ATMs, Customer Enquiries, Bills payment, Funds transfer services (local money value transfer) and other activities as the Central Bank of Nigeria may prescribe from time to time.

Operation of the GTExpress Agent

  • Account Opening
  • ATM Cash Deposits and Withdrawals
  • Bill Payments
  • Local Funds Transfers

Amount Needed to Get Started

To qualify, you must have a current account with a turnover of not less than 50,000 monthly.

How to Get started

Walk to any GTbank and ask for the Mobile Money agency form. Make sure you have all their requirements and if you have any further questions you can ask the customer care attending to you.

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