Lots of businesses to do in Nigeria which require little capital with no effect of government policy affecting those businesses and Printing of Recharge card business is one of its kinds.

You can imagine millions of people recharging on a daily bases, whether in the city or rural areas.

Getting the right dealer to buy from is the KEY to succeed in this business.

Bother less with those thinking that this day people now recharge from their Banks and not buying the vouchers. The Bank charges alone now scares people from even recharging from their Banks, except that there isn’t an option at that moment.

For example, if you have built a relationship with your customers you get to see some calling you (at any time) to sell them recharge cards; even at the urgent hour of their space.

if you still have doubt then you just have to give it your last chance by garbing the opportunity I am giving on this page (2 FREE powerful eBooks on how to succeed in this business), It is the so-called secret which no sub-dealer will revile to you, never!


The Requirements for Starting Recharge Card Printing Business

One important thing to do when it comes to recharge card business in Nigeria is to always try as much as possible to analyze different dealers before really venturing into the business.

  1. Get Connected To A Dealer or Dealers

As a result of this, to make things easier for those that are ready to go into the business without wasting time searching Dealers’ information, I have compiled an easy to understand package of RECHARGE CARD DEALERS in Nigeria that you can patronize, even if you do not have computer and printer (you can go to a caber cafe till you have money to buy the computer).

  1. Your Business Tools

The business tools are; Your computer, Printer, software, flash drive and A4 printing paper

Although, along all, the software is provided by the dealers themselves which goes along with your registration fee.

While other tools you will have to source them yourself and buy the affordable once you can.

some dealers

For information on how to get those contacts of Best TOP DEALERS in NIGERIA were you can buy recharge pins at a very cheap price at all time, 08032934651 or 08054094792 email me on

Your text should appear this way;

Name – ………
Location – …..
Phone Number – ……

How to get the Best TOP DEALERS in NIGERIA and printing Software

1. Go to any of GTBank plc Or First Bank below to make a payment of N4,000 only (Four Thousand Naira only)

You can also pay via Mobile transfer, Internet banking, ATM transfer and USSD code transfer.


Account Number: 0149651074
Bank Name: GTBank PLC



Account Number: 3066151282
Bank Name: First Bank plc

Note; you are to pay N4,000 only into any of the bank listed above.

2. SMS or/and WhatsApp your Full Name and Email address to 08032934651 or 08054094792. Please always feel free to call on us for any assistance.

3. Wait for 20mins. Your package will be sent to your email address.

The package which I am sending to your email after you have made the payment includes; Recharge Card Dealers Phone Numbers, Offiice Address and Location, Price details and other information you should know about them.


I wish to inform you that it is not our responsibility to offer you RECHARGE CARD SOFTWARE. The Dealers will do that. As a matter of fact, any one or group of persons that give or sell to you a software and not a dealer is a scammer.

Because if it wasn’t like that, the software would have been sold in the public market and you would have gotten access to download recharge card software free online. But its not so!

ONLINE DAILYS Business Team ensures you with all assistance you need to succeed in the Recharge Card printing in Nigeria. Also share this across.

About the Recharge Card Pin Dealers and How to Get Started With Them

There are ONLY few dealers approved by Network providers to sell PINs.

Step 1: Make the N4,000 payment into the above account and get the list of dealers contact from us

Step 2: Call them and express your interest (to start recharge card printing business).
At this point, you will be ask to pay N13,000 registration free. And note that it is a one-time-fee and it also convers your software fee.

Please note that you also have the alternative of going to their office and make the payment direct (for those that still doubt or have that time).

Step 3: After the registration process is complete, you will be asked for your email address, which the dealer will send a link to go download the software.

Also a step by step guild (videos and ebooks) on how to install and use the software for the business will be given to you.

This will happen whether you had visited the ir office or you stay in your comfort zone making the transaction.

Step 4: You may also decide to customize your software. The major customization includes;

  • how many Pins/cards per A4 paper
  • placing your name appears on the voucher card.

Step 5: Use the steps they have provided to start ordering for pins – any network of your choice that you want to order for.

Questions And Answers Sections

This are questions we have receiving, and it keep coming as repeated by different interested people.

Check out these questions and see if We have answered your supposed questions before giving us a call, please.

  1. This article (or page) is written for a long time now, is the business still functioning?

Yes, the business is still on going and booming for those with the right attitude and mentality for it.

As far as it is recharge card printing business and in as much as people still recharge their cell phones, regardless of the year of this page – the business is still active.

  1. Is Printing of Card Business A Profitable?

Yes, the business is profitable. In fact, without being told you should know when you see any business having lots of competitors, many people venturing into it.

This is a business that requires patient for your business to grow.

  1. What Profit will I be Making when I start?

We do not calculate profit for you because no body regulates or tell you when and how to fix your price.

Also your location, number of customers and price at which you purchase from the Dealers – all this should determine what you make out of each pin or supply you make.

Just like have said before now, that this business needs time; for you to build your customers and start turning over fast. Not a ‘Get RICH FAST’ kind of business

  1. Do I have to buy Software?

Yes, it is a compulsory tool you need in this business. And it doesn’t matter whether you have gotten a software from any dealer or seminal. You MUST buy the software of any dealer you desire working with.

Interesting to let you know also that the software is One-Time-Payment fee and you you pay along with your registration fee (both fees are put together).

  1. Where is your office to Pay the #4,000 cash?

No, you don’t need to meet me face-2-face before paying to get the list of dealers from me. Everything said here will still be what I’ll be telling you 100 times or more. Well I know it’s because of the level of fraud on the internet. Also, note that fraudsters also succeed even outside the internet.

At this point, if you really know what you want then take this last risk and I bet you that it is for good.

  1. Can I get dealer from my State?

No, we don’t work by inter-states. Most people you see are really not dealers, they are sub-dealers like you want to become now.

We do not want to wast your time or resource calling and investing without result, that is why we only provide dealers we are sure about and working with.

Use the comment box below if there are more questions to ask that are not mentioned above.

Good Luck


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