List of Domain Registrar Offering Free Domain ID Protection (WhoisGuard)

We have been making this research for a long time now, and making in-door inquires concerning the domain registration process. It’s interesting to have finally dropped this content, and you will appreciate it too.

Virtually all website hosting sites also register domains. Have you settled a bit to notice that? Yes, that is what happens. But lets sure the advantage of following this path.

The goal of this page wasn’t only to show the list of domain registrar offering free domain ID protection, but also with affordable price and good services, without annoying or tricking your with their add-on payments.

Why people prefer to using the same web host as the domain registrar

All-in-One Management System:

Is interesting when you won’t have anywhere else to log into to manage your websites. Of course, managing your websites on one platform is one of the reasons people don’t even bother if other services could offer just the same service on domain registration at the cheapest rate or/and possibly FREE.

Lack of Technical-Know-How:

The above reason brings us to lack of technical-know-how ability. Some had already concluded that is too technical to manage the same domain separately and even at that, they wouldn’t know when to navigate to do certain things by themselves. For example, when to find the NameServer, Auth code, etc… becomes the pick in the eyes. so they would rather stick to using the same hosting services.

Lack of Awareness:

Not aware of how possible to manage domains separately. Because the web hosting don’t talk about it, and because their major aim isn’t just for you to register a domain, rather start hosting website with them – that is where they make bigger money. So they wouldn’t inform users the possibilities of managing their website registrar somewhere else, especially when the supposed free services are paid for on their platform.

You don’t expect any hosting company to inform you of these better alternatives which have been presented on this page because the Web hosting companies do not only make money from the “Domain privacy Protection” fee but also makes little token from the main domain registration fee. SO you see, you keep spending massively on the area you should of culteled.

Let’s talk about how the Web Hosting Companies manages your domain registrar, but before then you need to understand the sequence which domains are registered and managed.

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Who is ICANN?

ICANN is a non-profit organization that sees to every domain registration across the world, they manage the DNS service of every domain, but giving license to hosting companies to the management from their end, which is why you can’t register a domain name directly from the ICANN, rather the only option is picking from any certified domain registrars to register and manage your domain(s).

How the Web Hosting Companies manages your domain registrar

Is simple! You pick a domain name, pay for the registration and it becomes yours for as long as you keep renewing the domain.

But hosting companies changed perspective this time. Because you’ve to host any domain or email for it to become functional, they leverage on the opportunity given to them by the ICANN, allowing you to select your choice of domain, then select a hosting plan best for you, then you pay for both the domain registrar and the hosting plan – all at once.

Although some Hosting companies offer a free domain registrar of 1yrs. Meaning that you won’t have to pay for the domain (for 1yr), in as much as you are purchasing a hosting plan with them.

Now, the web hosting companies pay the actual domain registration fee to ICANN, then pocket the remaining as their profit.

As if that wasn’t enough profit to make from, some still go further to change the exorbitant price for domain ID protection, For example, Bluehost, iPage, Siteground, GoDaddy, etc.

However, understand that that you are using any of the listed Domain Registrar Offering Free Domain ID Protection, then go to any of your favorite hosting company to host your website. Perhaps, if you can afford the bills or still find it stressful to register your domain separately and host separately then this page isn’t for you either.

What is WhoisGuard or Domain ID Protection Feature All About?

This may be the same question you’ve been longing to ask as well, right?

WhoisGuard (also know as (Domain ID Protection) is a privacy protection service. When you register a domain, ICANN requires the registrar to forward the contact information you provide them with, for inclusion in the Internet’s Whois Database.

Of which in most cases domain owner’s information is harvested by spammers from publicly available whois to send spam.

This is why when you purchase the WhoisGuard service it prevents your personal data registered at the time of domain registration from displaying on the Whois database.

Let’s go on now to list out those ICANN domain registrar companies offering free domain ID protection (also know as WhoisGuard) for your domain registration.

List of Domain Registrar Offering Free Domain ID Protection (WhoisGuard)

The companies listed below are certified by ICANN and they offer WhoisGuard service for free. That means you won’t have to pay a dime for the WhoisGuard feature for your domain(s).

1. NameCheap

namecheap free id protection domain regisrar-image

NameCheap is a very popular domain registrar and web hosting company. You can transfer any already existing domain and/or register a new domains.

Transferring an existing domain registrar to NameCheap cost about $13.86 /yearly. whereas registering a new domain cost about $8.86, which you are allowed to select up to 9years. Then the continues payment becomes about $13.86.

Their customer care service is 24/7 available to chat and assist on any issues and advice.


dynadot domain id protection domain regisrar-image is also a great company to register you domain that offers free domain ID protection. They beat NameCheap in terms of price and period of registration.

That is, registration or new domain and transfer cost $8/yearly. While you have the privilege to registering for up to 10years. You can manage your domains from your mobile phone by downloading the mobile app for iOS and Android.

Also, here in, the customer care service is 24/7 available to chat and assist on any issues and advice.

We shall be listing out more once they offer WhoisGuard (domain ID Protection) for free.

However, is another great platform to register your domain. Although the domain ID protection is not free but as little as $2.86 yearly. So when you sum up the domain registration fee and the domain ID protection fee you will see is almost the same price with

That is to see, remains the cheapest of all the domain registrar we have come across in the web.

Let’s hear from you through the comment box below.

What domain registrar are you currently using and why? Are there other domain registrars offering Free Domain ID Protection (WhoisGuard) for free?

Please, do let us know also on the comment box below.


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