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List of Email Service that allows you Manage all Email acct

Some times, for different proposes we do have so many Email account. For example Gmail.com Yahoo Mail, Outlook.comYandex Mail, and so many others.  But its looks more stressful accessing them differently so that is why I want to share with you list of Email Service that can allow you to manage all your Email account in one place.

The idea behind the merging of account means that when you sign up for a particular Email Service – in that that account there is a provision for you to add all your email accounts. So when ever you login to the account, you can also access to other email account form that same account you login.

There are few websites that does that I will will be listing them below. All you are required to do is sigin up with them if you do not have the account before. But if you already have an account with them I will also be showing you were to link your other email accounts.

Some of this mail might not look new to you but you are likely still not to know that they offer this services of merging email account into one account.

Here are list of Email Service that allows you Manage all Email acct

  1. Yahoo Mail
  2. HotMail.com
  3. Outlook.com
  4. Aol.com

When you sign in or sign up, then go to the settings option you will find manage another email acct. Click on it and then follow other steps that follows it.


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