Online SEO Marketing Tools

List of Paid and Free Online SEO Marketing Tools for Website

Online SEO Marketing Tools

Internet or Online SEO Marketing Tools are simply online tools that help elevate your websites or online business to unprecedented success in all areas of internet marketing. 

They are various list of Online SEO companies that offers different services . Some are free while some are paid services.

Whether paid or free Online SEO Marketing Tools, it is very important to use them because they help analyze and organise online website to comply with the rules of  search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing,, AOL, etc. All you need is to identify good once that fully there promises to help create amazing marketing reports that also make you look amazing.

The Paid or Free Online SEO Marketing Tools produce results that can make your business stronger and more profitable. With Internet Marketing tools, you can be sure that you are always employing the best SEO practices and adhering to web standards.

This Internet SEO Marketing companies offer 3 vital tools, namely;

  1. SEO Tools
  2. Webmaster Tools
  3. Social Tools

 List of Paid and Free Online SEO Marketing Tools

  1. Alexa Analytics Toolkit


Alexa has the complete web analytics toolkit that you ever wanted. Alexa has traffic metrics across the web—an invaluable source for competitive intelligence and strategic insight.

The Alexa Tools was founded in 1996 and has a rich history of providing deep analytical
insights to benchmark, compare and optimize businesses on the web. Once you sign up, you will be give a 7 DAYS FREE trials to use the tool.

There Plans and Pricing are listed below:

  • BASIC – $9.99/Month
  • INSIGHT (Best Value) – $49/Month
  • ADVANCED – $149/MonthAll comes with free 7days trials



The Internet Marketing Tools offers a range of free SEO & Internet marketing tools such as;

Page Speed Tool

Does your page load quickly or is it slow to appear? How does the loading time of your page compare to the loading time of another page? What is the actual speed your page loads at? Use this tool to analyze how long your page takes to load at a variety of connection speeds, to view what components of your page take the longest amount of time to load, and see a full break down of every component of your page. Also, use our cool “Compare 2 Pages” function to load your page side by side with another!

Header Checker Tool

This SEO tool will check any web page’s header tags. Use our header checker to find any page’s status code to ensure that your URLs are returning the appropriate status codes and re-directs are working properly. A surprising number of indexing and ranking problems come from erroneous re-directs, so it’s crucial to be sure all of the HTTP status codes are correct.

Google vs Bing vs More Search Engines Comparison Tool

This tool will run a search query in the selected search engines and then graphically compare the results. Users can compare the keyword position on each search engine’s results. A line is drawn between Search Engine results for matching URLs. From these results you will notice how each search engine gives different page ranks for different pages by comparing their appearance order. Mouse over the dots to see the URLs they represent. Click on them to open the URL in a new browser window.

Image & Link Analyzer

Want to see all of the images on your web page, along with their size, ALT text and a real size display of the image? How about a list of all of your page links – external links, internal links, style sheets, xml and other assets? Do you know which ones aren’t working? Among our free SEO tools, this one is always popular for its multi-purpose functionality!

Internal Link Building WordPress Plugin

This plugin will let you easily link to your old articles, pages or other sites to improve their rankings in search engines and generate more clicks. The Internal Link Building plugin lets you assign keywords to given destination URLs. This way your website will link within itself like it’s done in Wikipedia – every time a keyword occurs, it links to the page you specified in the plugin dashboard.

Side-by-Side SEO Comparison Tool

Find all the ways keyword text is used on webpage with our free Side-by-Side SEO Comparison Tool. It compares two sites in a side-by-side report, so that you can quickly see how your page and a competitor’s page use keywords, how much text is on the page, and which keywords are used.

Robots Text Generator Tool

Building a robots.txt file can be confusing and there are many online SEO tools that don’t make the job much easier; you want to make sure that when search engines crawl your site, they don’t have access to sensitive files, while permitting access for others. User our free Robots.txt Generator and Comparison Tool to build or modify your robots.txt file, and get a comparative look at how your current robots.txt will work verses your new one.

Find Broken Links, Redirects & Site Crawl Tool

This is one of the best SEO tools out there! Use it to find broken links on your site and generate an XML formatted sitemap. You also have the option to export your data into a downloadable spreadsheet.

Meta Tag Generator Tool

Quickly create new meta tags for your website with one of the best Internet marketing tools available. This tool will prompt you for various meta tags, including title, description, keywords and author and will then create the meta tags in a format you can copy and paste on to your pages.

Keyword Density Analysis Tool

Enter in a page URL and this free SEO tool will tell you the keyword density of all the phrases on the page. Find out how strong of a keyword message your content is sending with the Keyword Density Analysis Tool. Get hard numbers on your content ratios to find out if you need more or have too much. Use this tool to ensure a solid balance of keywords within your content, and to match the right keywords to the right pages.

Search Combination Tool

This SEO tool will generate all possible combinations of two separate lists of search phrases. Find new ways to promote your website and reach your audience, when you broaden your keyword horizons. Use these phrases to modify and create new content, as well as to optimize title tags, URL’s and internal linking structure. For a new insight into your keyword prospects generate combinations to kick start the brainstorming process.

Get URLs from Search Results Plugin Tool

This super cool tool is actually a script written for the popular browser add ons “Greasemonkey” and “Tampermonkey”. This script will aggregate all your search results into a neat, stripped down list of URLs at the botttom of each SERP page. Great for quickly copying and pasting your results into your favorite tool.

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