List of Richest Fuji Musician in Nigeria [Updated]

List of Richest Fuji Musician in Nigeria

Richest Fuji Musician in Nigeria [Updated] – The big question and discussion on the lips of every Nigeria fuji music fan would be. Is  king Wasiu Ayinde marshal, Abass Akande Obesere, king Saheed Osupa,king Sule Alao Malaika, Adewale Ayuba,  Sule Alao Malaika or Sefiu Alao. the real king of fuji music in Nigeria?

Recently the father and, creator of Fuji, Late Dr Sikiru Ayinde barrister declared Saheed Osupa as the king of music. This declaration sparked a bit of confusion between Fuji musicians and gave saheed Osupa the much needed confidence to challenge Wasiu Ayinde for the throne.

This move was criticized by a few and applauded by the masses. However, Wasiu Ayinde still hold the wealthiest fan section of the Fuji fan base. He is a big boy in his own rights and of recent has compiled a new group out of the Fuji musician association called the “ARAMBAMBI FAMILY”. The arambambi family are believed to be a combination of Wasiu Ayinde supporters in the industry, it consist of fellow fuji musician who look up to him or believe he is the true King of the Fuji Throne.

We cannot put aside the genre re branding and innovation Wasiu Ayinde brought into Fuji. People would argue Wasiu Ayinde introduced new beats into the music and made it more worldwide acclaimed and appealing to the Nigeria youths.

Alabi Pasuma (The first fuji Global com Ambassador)( Arambambi 2), Taiye currency( Arambambi 3), Safejo Amama ( Arambambi speaker), Sefiu Alao( Aramambi plus), Lanre Teriba Atorise( arambambi gospel).

This are few amongst many other fuji musicans who signed their alliance with King wasiu ayinde marshall by officially speaking to their PR officer, or playing gigs with him across the country to pledge their loyalty to him.

Saheed Osupa has is own supporters within the Fuji musicians association and have recently come up with their own gang, ThE OLUFIMO FAMILY. An upcoming Fuji artist with Saheed Acapella style and voice called Saridon 2 kamoru is presently Saheed Osupa’s Vice-president, and we have been told Wasiu Ayinde past enemy.

Abass Akande Obesere has been a big supporter of saheed Osupa having fought for the throne himself in the past and claimed wasiu ayinde is fund of putting other fuji musician below him and knocking them out of competition among Saheed many other supporters are veterans like Rasheed ayinde Merenge, who helped him in opening what one his new mansions in the city of Ibadan last year.


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