List of Top Talent Show in Nigeria 2016 to Apply or Register

As we approach into a new year, so we should be expecting to see wonderful and upgraded  performance from some Talent Show organizers and that is the most reason I have listed here Top Talent Show in Nigeria 2016 to Apply or Register.

Though some just concluded there talent show competition, but will still be coming up soon. Never the less here are “List of Top Talent Show in Nigeria 2016” coming soon… – which you have to register for the audition.


List of Top Talent Show in Nigeria 2016 to Apply or Register

  • MTN Project Fame West Africa

This is pourly a singing talent show competition sponsored by MTN. Once the Audition registration form comes out its announced online and the registration process is also an online processing. The MTN Project Fame usually gives an award or winning prize to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place person. So you can become a winner and a celebrity to be known for – all over the word with this opportunity.

  • Dance With Peter Talent Show

Dance With Peter is specifically known to be a dancing competition sponsored by GLO. Recently the episode 12 (which is finals) was just concluded so sooner another Audition registration form will  be out.  THis kind of talent show, there are usually 3 judges, who also are the team leader of competition dancing groups. Then during finials of the show every once stands alone (no more group).

  • Nigerian’s Got Talent

This is basically for Nigerians who has various talent to show the Nigerians and the World at large. As an applicant You could be Good at singing, acting, even doing funny magics that will move the Judges and people at large (that will be voting when the times comes). Currently, Nigeria’s Got Talent had just release their registration form for the upcoming audition. Click here to apply and for more information.

  • Nigeria Idol

THis is another great talent show coming up soon… Its also  a signing + dancing talent show.

  • Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS)

This is a yearly programe for young and able youths who can survive under any condition and climent. It usually tough but entertaining and full of fun. The Registration form will be coming out soon…

  • The Voice for Nigeria

This is a Singing talent show that has no age limit of application. Which means its for the old and young – as long you can move the crowed and Judge with your voice. Form coming out soon…

  • Maltina Dance All Talent Show

THis is another great and popular show to participate in or watch (any of them). The Maltina Dance All is sponsored by NBL – Maltina (Nonalcoholic). THis kind of show is meant for Families. Meaning that individuals do not participate in this rather its a family show dancing+acting competition. Audition Form coming soon…


After You have seen all this I want you to understand that we can give you update (free) when any of this Top2016 Nigeria Talent Show Audition Registration form is out. All you should do is using the comment box below to drop your email address + indicating which one or two you have interest in, then leave the rest to use.

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    • Oluwatosin
  1. Faithful
  2. tabyta
  3. tabyta
  4. Bella
  5. Bella
  6. Ajibola jessica
  9. Benefit
  10. ethel
  11. Terwase moses
  12. sunita
  13. sunita
    • Douglas
  14. Humphrey
  15. peace
  16. peace
  17. Echez
  18. izunobi abigail
  19. moronke
  20. Alfred Genesis
  21. Adewumi Micheal
  22. Elijah ngozi comfort
  23. kenneth
  24. Anastasie
  25. Emmanuel Monday
    • onlinedailys
  26. Ahmed Babajide
  27. jeffrey
  28. ofiri blessing
  29. Zion
  30. Abigail
  31. ighokena Henrietta pride
  32. collinswaki
  33. onyii
    • onlinedailys
  34. Joshua Adaramola
  35. Stella Okenwa
  36. aramide Oluwabukola
  37. Chidozie Somtochukwu
  38. mike progress
  39. Odunayo Temi
  40. nessa mikel
  41. nessa mikel
  42. Fatima Adeyemi
  43. Oguntimehin kehinde
  45. cyndys
  46. Fredo
  47. Anyanwu Gloria Maryann
  48. JULIET
  50. Idagu Margaret
  51. Orizu Amybella
  52. ugochukwu enekwechi
  53. Merenini David Oladimeji
  54. Nehemiah Inegbe
  55. adebayo opeyemi paul
  57. Chris black
  58. jessica nwaokorie
  59. Victory Airen
  60. daniel
  61. taris
  62. tuidemi
  63. Daniel
  64. danny
  65. Raymond
  67. Amaefuna
    • onlinedailys
  68. Gift fawari
  69. Gift fawari
  70. cdr
  71. patience
  72. WD
  73. Akerele Emmanuel
  74. Ezekiel Gifted
  75. Onyeali PetMatilda
  76. Hilary Chinedu
  77. mariah med
  78. Radiance
  79. billkiss
  80. stephien
  81. stephien
  83. clement A.k.A funnyskil
  84. Lillian Nwefuru
  85. Stephanie Praisegod felix
  86. Michael
  87. Fabian
  88. Douglas
    • Douglas
  89. Gad Umegbewe Victor
  90. favour
  91. francis dennis
  92. Daniel omoike
  93. glory okoro
  94. Confidence Festus
  95. peter
  96. Lilian Ibekwe
  97. Eyitayo Samuel
  98. martha
    • onlinedailys
  99. Swagger G
  100. Ola2
  101. Adewoye Peace Oluwadamisi
  102. Henry Efe Andrew

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