List Of Professional Financial Associations In Nigeria and Contact Details

For some time now, we have been bringing you the list of professional bodies or organinsations in Nigeria. Today, we want to show you the list of professional financial associations in Nigeria today. There are many of them located across the breadth of Nigeria.

They serve different purposes and carry out different functions. We will be listing them and showing you their names and contact details below.

We can’t talk about Financial organisations in Nigeria without understanding what the word ‘Financial” means on its own. This will help us to know the bodies that fit this descriptions.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, they defined “Financial” as “relating to money or the way money is managed”. 

This is to say that Financial bodies are those organisations that deals with anything related to money and money management.

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By implication, that means that all banks and insurance firms fall under this category. However, we will not include them here since those are very obvious.

So, just note that all banks and insurance companies in Nigeria falls under this list of professional financial associations in Nigeria. That settled, let us see the full list below.

List Of Professional Financial Associations In Nigeria

Below are the full list of financial organisations in Nigeria today. They include the following:

  1. African Accounting and Finance Association-
  2. Association of National Accountants of Nigeria –
  3. Association of Stockbroking Houses of Nigeria –
  4. Chartered Institute Of Administration –
  5. Association of Non Bank Microfinance Institution of Nigeria –
  6. Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers –
  7. Credit Bureau Association of Nigeria –
  8. Finance Houses Association Of Nigeria –
  9. Financial Markets Dealers Association –
  10. Fund Managers Association of Nigeria –
  11. Association of Investment Advisers & Portfolio Managers –
  12. Mortgage Banking Association of Nigeria –
  13. Risk Managers Association of Nigeria –
  14. Association of Financial Analysts of Nigeria – +234 806 549 7222, +234 809 846 0128, +234 803 450 9750
  15. National Association Micro Finance Bank – 0803 589 4411
  16. Nigerian Labour Co-Operative Association – 0805 555 8783, 0805 688 3237
  17. NNPC Co-operative Association – 0802 361 6250.

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These are the Financial Associations In Nigeria we could find as well as their contact details.

If you have any question, we are here for you at any time. Use the comment box below.

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