List Of Professional Health Associations In Nigeria

We are aware that a lot of people do not know much about the full list of professional health associations in Nigeria today. I would even say that most people are not aware that these professional bodies exist. Few persons could be aware of only few of these bodies. But today, we will be showing you a very detailed list of professional health organisations in Nigeria.

Professional bodies are organisations whose members are individual professionals. In some professions it is compulsory to be a member of the professional body, in others it is not. This usually depends on whether or not the profession requires the professional to have a ‘licence to practice’, or to be on a professional register, in order to do their job. This is related to how the profession is regulated i.e. who is responsible for making sure that professionals are doing their jobs properly.

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In essence, professional associations place vital roles in the very sector it operates in. Many of them provide the services of induction of the qualified persons into the profession eg, Nigerian Bar Association. Despite that, their roles are also very varied and diversified.

List Of Professional Health Associations In Nigeria

Below is the list of professional health associations in Nigeria and their websites.




1Association for Good Clinical Practice in Nigeria
2Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria
3Medical Women’s Association of Nigeria
4Medical and Dental Consultants Association of Nigeria
5Healthcare Federation Of Nigeria
6Health and Managed Care Association of Nigeria
7Danjuma Atta Eye Foundation
8Centre For Integrated Health Programme
9Breast Cancer Association of
10Association of Psychiatrists in Nigeria
11Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria
12National Association of Nurses and Midwifery of Nigeria
13National Health Research Ethics Committee of Nigeria
14Nigerian Dental Association
15Nigerian Medical Association
16Nigerian Medical Students’ Association
17Nigerian Prosthetic, Orthotic and Orthopaedic Technology Society
18Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association
19Paediatric Association of Nigeria
20Pharmaceutical Association of Nigerian Students
21South Eastern Nigeria Zonal Post Abortion Care Network (SEPACNET)
22Sugar and Cholesterol Control Foundation
23Association of Public Health Physicians of
24Christian Health Association of
25Community Health Practitioners Registration Board of
26Diabetes Association of Nigeria 
27Health Information Managers Association of
28Islamic Medical Association of

So, here are the full list.

Which of these organisations are you registered with? Talk with us in the comment box below.

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