List of Profitable Businesses for Undergraduates in Nigeria (Small Startup Capital)

List of Profitable Businesses for Undergraduates in Nigeria (Small Startup Capital)

For you to be reading this, you must either be an undergraduate, or you just got admission. Maybe, you are still writing JAMB or you are a youth coach or business entrepreneur who works with students and undergraduates. Whatever category you fall into, be rest assured that the reason why you are reading this List of Profitable Businesses for Undergraduates in Nigeria (Small Startup Capital) will be met.

Studying in Nigeria is very costly. It takes a lot of resources to be able to pass through the tertiary institutions in Nigeria. It is also very stressful and time-consuming. Therefore, anyone who thinks of doing one business or the other have some specific requirements they need. That includes a business that isn’t too time consuming and stressful and one that has the potential of earning some cool cash for them.

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So, this List of Profitable Businesses for Undergraduates in Nigeria (Small Startup Capital) has been crafted with these factors in mind. If you are looking for a business you can start with little capital, less stressful, has potential for profitability and is something you can start with your skills already, then, this is for you. Let’s roll.

List of Profitable Businesses for Undergraduates in Nigeria (Small Startup Capital)

What are the businesses for undergraduates one can start with little capital? let’s roll.

1. Blogging

You see, anyone can blog. To blog, all you need is a little laptop you already have or some good android and tablet devices. You do not need to open an office or buy equipment. From the comfort of your home, with your device and data, you can blog. It is also very flexible. You work at your schedule.

2. Barbing

Barbing is very lucrative. Students barb on daily basis. The charge for barbing varies from place to place. The minimum in most places is #150. Assuming you barb 10 persons daily, you have yourself a cool #1,500. If you do so for a minimum of 5 days in a week, you have  #7,500 weekly. The good news is that you can just buy a clipper and do home service. Home service is very costly. You can do that till you have some cash to open your own store.

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3. Graphic & Web Design

Another profitable business to run is graphics and web design. The level of politics in the tertiary institutions are increasing yearly. Students pay some cool cash to have their campaign posters and stickers designed. Campus fellowships as well as big churches host many programs every semester. Once you are good with graphics, you won’t ever beg for money. The good news? You can do these from your home.

4. Sports Trainer

There are many models on campus who wants to lose weights and maintain shape as well as many who love sports. If you know how to train people, you can open a sports training school or even go home to home to train people. What do you need? Just an open space as most of the basic trainings wouldn’t need any equipment.

5. Typing & Editing Business

If you have a system, you can start this business with ZERO NAIRA. People do handwritten assignments, projects, term papers etc. You can charge them slightly below what the business centres charge and you will have loads of works to type. Typing can be quite easy for you. Just get a Beacon Marvis Typing or search for the best typing softwares you can download. learn typing start earning cool money FROM YOUR HOME!

6. Training & Tutorials

You could give tutorials on mathematical problems, English speaking and writing and some difficult science classes. Organising tutorials and software training for interested students in the university environment has proven to be one of best businesses you can run as an undergraduate in Nigeria and make cool cash from it. Just find a good location and a partner that can join you in training people to have the knowledge of useful software in their respective courses of study or take up a course that you are really good at a teach. What can you train people on? How to bake, how to barb, how to do anything you know how to do. Just a little packaging.

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7. Past Questions

Nothing sells fast in school like past question papers, especially as exam date approaches. You can get past questions from your department and other departments, solve the questions with the help of your text books, then convert it to short handout and sell to students during exams. You can sell the handouts for N200 or less depending on your production cost.

8. Phone Repairs

There is always a need for this service in the university environment. If you know how to fix faulty phones, both hardware and software issues, why not startup a business with this. Let people know that you can do this, print and distribute flyers if need be to create the awareness and deliver whenever you get a customer. If you set up this business very well, you can make tangible income from phone repairing.

9. Bulk SMS

A lot of people need Bulk sms services.  Many churches, fellowships, departmental organization and sect, class representatives etcare in need of this. . You can make good money from political campaigns during SUG elections in the school and some other fellowships. This business is a very lucrative one and you are sure to make steady income if you go into it as an undergraduate.

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10. Hair Plaiting

Majority of hair plaiting services in campuses are owned by undergraduates. Most of them started from their rooms and were going house to house before getting some cash to open up their stores and shops. You can learn to plait hairs and fix weave-on, and offer the services for a fee in school. You can charge as much as N500 to fix a weave-on and N1,500 for plaiting of hair depending on the going rate in your location.

The List of Profitable Businesses for Undergraduates in Nigeria (Small Startup Capital) contains just 10. There are many others you can do. But these can give you an idea on what you can do best. What are you waiting for?


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