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List of Profitable Small Scale Business in Nigeria you can Start

Do you know that most wealthy Nigerians today started with a small business which they gradually nurtured from scratch to big corporations.
But succeeding in a Profitable small scale business in Nigeria is not an easy job , you need to word hard in order to make it moving.

Are you a Nigerian entrepreneur or entrapreneur (investor)? Do you have money but lack ideas? Here’s 100+ profitable small scale business in Nigeria to start in this year.

Therefore you need to possess certain qualities embedded with patience to succeed as an entrepreneur. According to Calvin Coolidge, “Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence.

Now that you know you need persistence and determination, let’s discuss other qualities to succeed as an entrepreneur:

Start a small scale business in Nigeria  on what you are passionate about: Before considering the small scale business in Nigeria to do, ask yourself what is it that you love doing and passionate about? What is it that you will keep doing, even if you don’t receive a pay?

Small Scale Businesses in Nigeria

If you are passionate with your business, you will not mind putting in several hours daily until you succeed. As a new entrepreneur, you need to put in more effort to succeed.

It’s the passion you have for the business that will give you the energy and patience to keep working even when the money has not started coming.

That is, associate with people that can complement your business and avoid people that have nothing positive to contribute to your business. Below are Small Scale Businesses in Nigeria

Lucative Agricultural and Agro allied sector

Poultry farming business
Catfish Farming
Livestock  farming
Livestock feed production
Dog breeding business
Equipment leasing services
Soya beans processing
Maize Cultivation and procession
Rice Processing (Milling)
Cashew production and processing
Cassava processing
Ethanol production (from cassava)

Employment Services Sector

You can start a resume writing business
Career advice and counseling
Job placement and recruitment agency

100+ Profitable Small Business Ideas in Nigeria You can Start in 2014

Education Sector

Start a tutorial centre for exams like JAMB, WAEC, GCE, ICAN, CIS,etc
Crèche School
Day care centre
Start a self defense training school

100+ Profitable Small Business Ideas in Nigeria You can Start Today
ICT/ Technology sector

  • Computer repair services
  • Mobile phone repairs
  • Mobile apps development
  • Games development
  • Software development

Self Employed Business You can Start:

  • Recharge Card Printing Business. Click here to learn more on this.
  • Start a Hair Salon Business. Click here for more details.

Web Based Business Services

20 Profitable Web Based Business Ideas are as follows;
Web design and development
Search engine optimization services
Search engine marketing services


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