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List Of All Registered Political Parties In Nigeria And Websites

As 2019 election approaches, more and more political parties are registered. Today, we want to show the List Of All Registered Political Parties In Nigeria And websites. Through these websites, you can access the manifestos as well as the values of these political parties in Nigeria. Nigerians need to know this.

Political parties are very important aspects of a democracy. They play vital roles in shaping the political atmosphere of every nation. Furthermore, political parties provide the platform upon which individuals contest for elective positions. Nigeria practices multi-party system. This implies there is room for different political parties to register.

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However, Nigerians want to know what these parties stand for. Most times, these values and norms are accessible through the parties’ websites. That is why we bring to you the List Of All Registered Political Parties In Nigeria And Websites. Let’s look at them.

List Of All Registered Political Parties In Nigeria And Websites

In this list, we have about 36 political parties as well as their emails. However, we have over 60 registered political parties. But, not all have a functional website. The ones here have an operational website. So read on.

  1. Action Democratic Party (ADP): www.actiondemocraticparty.org, www.adp.ng
  2. All Progressives Congress (APC): www.apc.com.ng, www.allprogressivescongress.org
  3. All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA): www.apga.org
  4. Action Peoples Party (APP): www.actionpeoplesparty.com
  5. Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN): www.alliancefornewnigeria.org
  6. Peoples Democratic Party (PDP): www.peoplesdemocraticparty.com.ng
  7. Action Alliance (AA): www.actionallianceng.org, www.actionalliance.ng
  8. All Blending Party (ABP): www.abp.org.ng
  9. All Grand Alliance Party (AGAP): www.web.agap.org.ng
  10. Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP): www.anrp.org.ng
  11. Advanced Peoples Democratic Alliance(APDA): www.apdanigeria.org
  12. Democratic Peoples Congress (DPC): www.dpc.com.ng
  13. Freedom and Justice Party (FJP): www.fjponline.com
  14. Fresh Democratic Party (FDP): www.freshdemocraticparty.com.ng
  15. Green Party of Nigeria (GPN): www.gpnigeria.com, www.greenpartynigeria.org
  16. Grassroots Democratic Party of Nigeria (GDPN): www.grassrootsgdpn.net
  17. KOWA Party (KP): www.kowaparty.com.ng, www.kowaparty.net
  18. Labour Party: www.labourpartyng.org
  19. Legacy Party of Nigeria (LPN): www.legacypartyofnigeria.blogspot.com
  20. Mega Party (MP); www.megaparty.ng
  21. National Conscience Party (NCP): www.ncp.org.ng, www.nationalconscienceparty.wordpress.com
  22. National Interest Party (NIP): www.nationalinterestparty.com
  23. New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP): www.newnigeriapeoplesparty.org
  24. New Progressive Movement; www.npm.com.ng
  25. National Rescue Movement: www.nrm.org.ng
  26. Nigeria Democratic Congress Party (NDCP): www.ndcp.org
  27. Peoples Democratic Movement: www.pdm.ng
  28. Peoples Redemption Party (PRP): www.prp.com.ng
  29. Restoration Party of Nigeria (RPN): www.restorationparty.org.ng
  30. Peoples Progressive Party (PPN): www.pppnigeria.org
  31. Social Democratic Party (SDP): www.sdp.com.ng
  32. Sustainable National Party (SNP): www.snp.com.ng
  33. Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN): www.socialistpartyofnigeria.blogspot.com
  34. United Progressive Party (UPP): www.unitedprogressiveparty.org.ng
  35. Young Democratic Party (YDP): www.ydp.org.ng
  36. Young Progressive Party: www.ypp.org.ng

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