List of Simple Business that is Lucrative in Nigeria Today

List of Simple Business that is Lucrative in Nigeria

List of Simple Business that is Lucrative in Nigeria

Believe me or not, there are so may businesses in Nigeria today that are booming which started in a simple way,  requiring small capital to start. This page has covered “List of Simple Business that is Lucrative in Nigeria“. This businesses you can start with little capital or even start with a large capital also.

The Top 10 Secret of Building a Business to a Billionaire Level

But before we start, you should know that starting a new business you will have to keep to he following point in mind;

  1. New business needs time to grow.
  2. New business requires your full time and focus.
  3. Because every business  in Nigeria today are highly competitive, so you have to understand every loophole of the business you have started or about to start.
  4. Understand how and why your competitors are more unique then yours.
  5. When you outshine your competitors, try to hold on it.
  6. Never relent on your old style of operating your business – try to know what is new so that your business will not be outdated.
  7. Always believe your business can move/grow higher than the level it is very day.
  8. Do online and Offline advertisement for your new business.
  9. Let your business be sociable to the public.
  10. Employ credible people for the business. And make sure they still go for month training. Time to time you also need to enrol your top worker for some business submit, which will be a return benefit to your business.
  11. Believe in your self.


List of Simple Business that is Lucrative in Nigeria

Here are businesses you can start from scratch with little money and that can grow from small business to a very remarkable business;

  1. Poultry Farming
  2. Recharge Card Printing business for more detail click here
  3. Laundry (Watching, Drying and Ironing cloths)
  4. Blogging and Affiliate marketing
  5. Selling of OKs shoes, cloths, bags, baby toys, wallet,etc.
  6. Production of liquid soap, detol, body-cream.
  7. Beads making

This are business you can start even without becoming a graduates. And the above listed kinds of simple lucrative businesses can make you start traveling form state to state, and form counties to countries.

People already neglect them and yet human being can’t do without it.

You don’t even need to write any business-plan to any person, bank or organization before starting this businesses.

Please note that not all the business we have listed here. So if you have any one in mind that you wish to ask questions about, kindly use the comment box below.

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