List Of Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Foundation 2018 Successful Candidates

The List Of Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Foundation 2018 Successful Candidates has been released. All applicants who applied are now advised to check their names online from the foundations portal. Shortlisted from more than 150,000 applicants from 114 countries worldwide, the selected applicants are tagged African entrepreneurs “with the most innovative, high-potential business ideas.”

While commenting on the final selection, Tony Elumelu, the founder, said: “The number and quality of applicants, 151,000 ‎ in total, was outstanding. It illustrates the strength and depth of entrepreneurial promise and commitment on our continent. Selection is never easy, and we profoundly regret that we cannot help all.

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Launched in 2015, The Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme is the largest African philanthropic initiative devoted to entrepreneurship and represents our 10-year, $100 million commitment, to identify and empower 10,000 African entrepreneurs, create a million jobs, and add $10 billion in revenues to Africa’s economy. Let’s see the List Of Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Foundation 2018 Successful Candidates.

List Of Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Foundation 2018 Successful Candidates

To check the successful candidates, here is what to do.

1.      Log onto the website

2.      When it opens, click on Meet all the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurs here.

3.      This will release the names of the successful candidates will be shown country by country.

4.      Note: 1,000 successful candidates were selected from African countries.

 List Of Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Foundation 2018 Successful Candidates – Guidelines

  • The Promoter will select 1000 applicants annually to join the Programme. Only one representative from each business will have access to the TEF Hub and participate physically. However, it will be possible to share the training points with business partners to institutionalise our training to support the success of the business.
  • A Programme cycle equates to completing the Startup Enterprise Toolkit, participation in the TEF Entrepreneurship Forum in Nigeria and development of a comprehensive business plan with clear milestones.
  • All Successful Applicants must be available to commit to the annual Programme cycle once accepted. Any Applicant who is not committed to the time frame to be advised by the Promoter will not be accepted or will be dropped from the Programme.
  • If the TEF Entrepreneur fails to complete the tasks assigned in the Programme within the stipulated timelines or to put in the minimum required number of contact hours with their assigned Mentors, or fail to submit the business plan within the review timeline, then the Promoter reserves the right to terminate placement in the Programme.
  • Any Successful Applicant who does not fulfil all the commitment requirements will not be awarded the Seed Capital or other on-going support as applicable. Access to programme materials and Mentors will also be denied to a Successful Applicant who drops off at any stage before the completion of the Programme without obtaining the consent of the Promoter.

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  • Request for any proposed long-term absence from the Programme must be agreed to by the Promoter in writing prior to the Applicant taking the time out of the Programme and shall only be allowed in extraordinary circumstances. Requests shall however be assessed by the Promoter on a case-by-case basis.
  • The disbursement of the first stage Seed Capital funding will be by payment into the TEF Entrepreneur’s business bank account. The Promoter is unable to pay the funding into a personal bank account. To receive the seed capital, all TEF Entrepreneurs must comply with all stipulated requirements, including provision of certain documents and opening of bank accounts in specified banks.
  • The first stage seed capital will be paid based on the Naira equivalent value of $5,000 converted at the official Central Bank of Nigeria exchange rate as at the date of selection for the Programme. Banking charges and recipient country exchange rates will also apply. The actual amount received may therefore be less than US$5,000.
  • The TEF Entrepreneurs that have progressed their business plans sufficiently may also apply for the second stage capital investment. The specific terms of qualification and application shall be made available at the relevant time.
  • If the Promoter deems that any TEF Entrepreneur has brought the Programme and the Promoter into disrepute, their funding will be withheld and placement in the Programme will be immediately terminated.

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  • By entering, Applicants agree to participate in any reasonable publicity arranged by the Promoter e.g. photo shoots, videos and interviews and waive their rights to any images of themselves taken as a result of applying or being selected under the Programme. The Promoter shall be entitled to use all such photographs, films, audio or other recording in any medium including digital, electronic, print, television, film, radio or other media in furtherance of promotion of the Programme or the Promoter or its affiliates. Where necessary, the Promoter may require a signed image rights waiver form from the Entrepreneur in furtherance of this waiver. The Promoter may invite TEF Entrepreneurs to take part in promotional activities at the Promoter’s expense.
  • TEF Entrepreneurs are not permitted to speak or write publicly about the internal workings of the process or to purport to be knowledgeable of the reasons why the Promoter has selected and supported them.
  • TEF Alumni are expected to proactively engage with the Promoter (while not imposing on work commitments) in terms of marketing communications activity to amplify their experience throughout the year.

All whose name appeared on the List Of Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Foundation 2018 Successful Candidates, congrats.

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