List Of Top Jobs With High Employment Possibility In Nigeria

One of the major challenges facing Nigeria is the issue of unemployment. We have heard and seen graduates roaming around the streets in search of jobs which are often non-existent. However, there are some jobs that always look for people. Most often, these jobs are highly-skilled. People who have the skills in this area rarely look for jobs. So, let’s look at the List Of Top Jobs With High Employment Possibility In Nigeria.

We will give you the List Of Top Jobs With High Employment Possibility In Nigeria. Some of them, you may have to undergo a university training while others, it could be a vocational training. Whichever way, read on and see these jobs. Once you learn them, the issue of unemployment will be far from you.

List Of Top Jobs With High Employment Possibility In Nigeria

Here are the jobs below. Good luck.

  1. Medicine/Health Related Jobs: it is rare to see a nurse or doctor who is unemployed. Majority of them get employed as soon as they are out of school and internship. Apart from nurses and doctors, other high employing health jobs include dentists, pharmacists, oculists etc.
  2. Teaching/Education Jobs: many people do not know that teaching jobs are highly in demand. The only challenge in this field is that people who are not even trained are employed. However, one who has undergoing the training and education for teaching jobs have high advantage over the rest. Many universities, secondary, primary and nursery schools (both private and public), are often understaffed. This shows there is a high chance of employment in this field.
  3. Web Designers/Developers: the need for web designers and developers are on the increase daily. While people can be employed for this alone, most companies employ people who are into web designing and programming as an advantage. So, having this skill will not just make you highly employable, but will also give you added advantage while applying for other jobs that are not web design-related.
  4. Real Estate Management: the real estate industry in Nigeria is still very much underpopulated. Once you know what you are doing, you can easily get employed in the Real Estate sector. This good news is that, you are not only needed in Nigeria, but also globally.

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  1. Law: yes, law. Like medicine, a law graduate is hardly stranded. Apart from going into law practice, lawyers are highly needed in various capacities. Lawyers can serve as journalists, legal adviser to multinational companies, etc.
  2. Computer Engineers and IT professionals: The people with these skills are not just needed in Nigeria but all over the world. The beauty of this job is that you can still be self employed and very, very successful. It is even advised that everyone should learn any type of computer skill irrespective of course studied in the university.
  3. Petro-Chemical Engineering: unsurprisingly, this is the highest paying job in Nigeria (well, apart from being a politician). Nigeria’s highest source of income is through her Oil. The beauty is that virtually every staff /employee of any oil company is blessed with car, housing and many other allowances.
  4. Geology: while this is not a very popular job in Nigeria, it is highly sought after. Many oil companies search for people with this qualification. This is because of the increase and the liberation of the oil industry. Given that few people study this course, you can be rest assured of employment if you have the qualifications.

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We have given you the List Of Top Jobs With High Employment Possibility In Nigeria. If you are considering what course to study in school, you now have an idea. Good luck.

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