Major Differences Between Vs

Differences Between Vs Would it be surprising to hear that there are differences between and Imagine my surprise the first time I found out there were differences between both? Well, there are HUGE and MAJOR differences between vs We are here to show you the differences.

For beginners, most people think that these two platforms are the same. But in reality, they are not. If you are a website designer, it is very important to note that these two have different features and are very unique and distinct. so, you will need to understand them so as to know which one to use at anytime.

Major Differences Between Vs WordPress.orgMajor Differences Between Vs

So, let’s look at the differences that exist between these two. Features

  1. They place ads on all free websites. So your users will see ads, and you don’t make money from it. If you don’t want your users to see their ads, then you can upgrade to a paid plan (starting from $36 per year).
  2. You are NOT allowed to sell ads on your website. If you run a high traffic site, then you can apply for their advertising program called WordAds where you share revenue with them. Premium and Business plan users can use WordAds right away.
  3. You cannot upload plugins. Free plan users get built-in JetPack features pre-activated. Business plan users can install from a selection of compatible plugins ($299 / year). VIP program lets you install plugins, and it starts from $5000 per month.
  4. You cannot upload custom themes. Free plan users can only install from the limited free themes collection. Premium and business plan users can also select premium themes. There are limited customization options for the free version. Premium and Business plan users can use custom CSS.
  5. Also, you are restricted to their stats. You cannot add Google Analytics or install any other powerful tracking platform. Business plan users can install Google Analytics.
  6. They can delete your site at anytime if they think it violates their Terms of Service.
  7. Your site will display a powered by link. It can be removed by upgrading to the Business plan.
  8. does not offer any eCommerce features or integrated payment gateways.
  9. You cannot build membership websites with

Also See: Best Free Drag & Drop Page Builder Plugins For WordPress Features is popularly known as “the real WordPress”. is the popular website platform that you have heard all the great things about. It is open source and 100% free for anyone to use. All you need is a domain name and web hosting. This is why it is also referred to as self-hosted WordPress.

  1. You own your website and all its data. Your site will NOT be turned off because someone decides that it is against their terms of service (as long as you are not doing something illegal). You are in full control.
  2. Also, you can add free, paid, and custom WordPress plugins / apps to your website.
  3. You can use customize your website design as needed. You can add any free or paid WordPress theme that you want. And, you can also create completely custom designs or modify anything that you want.
  4. Furthermore, you can actually make money from your WordPress site by running your own ads without sharing revenue with anyone.
  5. You can use powerful tools like Google Analytics for custom analytics and tracking.
  6. You can use self-hosted WordPress to create an online store to sell digital or physical products, accept credit card payments, and deliver / ship the goods directly from your website.
  7. Additionally, you can also create membership sites and sell memberships for premium content, courses, etc and build an online community around your website.
  8. You can also run your desired ads, eg, Google adsense.

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You have now seen the Differences Between Vs You can now go ahead and make your decision on the one to use for your online gigs.

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