Major Reasons Why New Year Resolutions Are Not Achieved

Major Reasons Why New Year Resolutions Are Not Achieved

Every beginning of the year people make New Year Resolutions. The resolutions are lofty and welcoming. A look at some of them shows a good intention towards a better year by the individual. But, despite all the plans and resolutions, they fail to come to pass. And, one is left to ask, what are the Major Reasons Why New Year Resolutions Are Not Achieved? What is the real reason behind failed resolutions?

Understanding the Major Reasons Why New Year Resolutions Are Not Achieved is very important. For you to be reading this now proves you must have had failed resolutions. You want to know why your resolutions fail. It is a wonderful decision. Know why a thing fails to work can prepare you towards overcoming them. Let us show you why New Year Resolutions Fail.

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Major Reasons Why New Year Resolutions Are Not Achieved

Lofty Resolutions

Top on the reasons why New Year resolutions are not achieved is having Lofty Resolutions. Individuals, groups and organisations start the year with resolutions so big. Many resolutions fail because they are so unachievable. For example, a young boy who still lives with the parents and have no source of income, resolves to get married in a year. Such resolutions are unattainable. It is simply unrealistic. To achieve your resolutions, be guided in your decision making. Seek for those resolutions that could be achievable.

Lack Of Plan

No resolution achieves itself. We are all conversant with the saying, “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. It is one thing to have a resolution and another thing to have a plan. A new year resolution must not only be about the “what” to do but more so about the “how”  to do them.  If you resolve to lose weight, the question is “How do I achieve this?” Having a plan makes the work easier for you. It tells you what to do, how to do and when to do them. Without having a plan, your resolution has failed from the word “go”.

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Lack Of Personal Discipline

It takes a whole lot of commitment to achieve a New Year resolution. Most of the yearly resolutions are long-term. Anyone who lacks discipline cannot achieve a resolution. There are times when you don’t feel like continuing with the plan. In those times, people who lack discipline fall off the way. You need to have total commitment before you can achieve anything worthwhile. And to have discipline can simply mean doing what you have to do even when you don’t want to do so.

Being Too Result-Oriented

The main essence of having a resolution is actually to have a result. But, being too result-oriented is defeatist. Some of the resolutions you have take time to come to fruition. As such, when you focus on result, you lose sight of the efforts you have made. Let’s say you have a resolution hitting your first million by the year’s end. Before you get that, you must have been working and investing some little cash. After two months and don’t see any tangible result, you give up. You forget that you have made a lot of inputs towards achieving your goal. So, focus on the efforts and the process rather than result.

Not Being Under Guidance

Some of the best things around us are not achieved alone. The reason why many fail is because they kept their resolutions to themselves. At such, nobody asks them how far they have gone. Nobody reminds them to push on. Whenever they are fed up, the dream dies. To help this, join a support group of like-minded folks on Facebook, LinkedIn, or elsewhere on the internet and around your physical world. Strength in numbers is powerful, so use it to your advantage. You can also submit your goals to a mentor.

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No Progress Record

Many people start up the plan well, make some level of progress and then, lose focus. This often occurs when there is not track of progress. When you have no clue of how far you have gone, you could easily give up. Get a notebook specially for your New Year resolutions. On a weekly basis, evaluate your progress and note your progress. This will keep you on track as well as encouraging you when the going gets tough. Remember, tough people outlast tough situations.

We have been able to outline some of the Major Reasons Why New Year Resolutions Are Not Achieved. We also included some of the practical ways to navigate through these challenges. Do not be afraid to have your resolutions. Take the necessary precautions and work with the right team and mindset. See you flying high in 2017. Thank you for visiting.

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