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Major Types Of Instagram Hashtag Groups & Their Meanings

Instagram marketing is getting more and more complicated especially when it comes to hashtags groups and sets. Lot of Instagram users some get some groups of hashtags and start using without fully understanding how these hashtags work. In this guide, I will be sharing with you the types of Instagram hashtag groups and their meaning.

Normally, your hashtag sets should contain a mixture of these types of Instagram hashtag groups. It doesn’t have to be one group. It just needs to be a mixture of these types that will give you the best result. So, if you really want to excel with your hashtag strategy, you must take note of these hashtags and see how best to combine them.

Types Of Instagram Hashtag Groups

Here are the typology of Instagram hashtags.

1. General/Industry hashtags

These are general hashtags. There is usually a lot of competition with these hashtags (a lot of people use them – millions). That is, it has a very high usage density.  They are always good to use. I recommend using 1 or 2 industry hashtags in your list, just so Instagram knows what you’re into (then they can recommend you better on their Explore page). examples include:

  • #photographer
  • #blogger
  • #love
  • #business
  • #car etc

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2. Niche Hashtags

The Niche hashtags are less competitive than the general/industry hashtags. Niche are components of an industry. By using a niche hashtag you address a more specific target group. Rather than using a very generic term such as #yoga, try to be slightly more precise and perhaps use #yinyoga instead. You will increase the chances that someone will actually find your post because niche hashtags usually see higher engagement than general hashtags. Examples include:

  • #weddingphotographer
  • #travelblogger
  • #Digitalmarketing
  • #businessowner
  • #contentcreator

3. Brand Hashtags

These are hashtags that are created by brands. These brands use this type of hashtags to build a community around their business and service. It is also a way to gather and curate content for brands (User Generated Content, UGC). This type is less competitive. Examples include:

  • #triciabiz
  • #naijabrandchick
  • #WeddingPhotoMag by @weddingphotomag
  • #OpenMyWorld by @FlightCenter etc

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4. Community Hashtags

These are hashtags of people that share common interest and values. Even more specific are Instagram communities. Instagram is the home of communities. You can be part of any tribe. It can be a community of girl bosses who support each other, or families who love to hike with their little ones. Examples:

  • #Lagosmums
  • #Stayathomemoms
  • #communityovercompetition
  • #mytravelgram
  • #LagosFashionista etc

5. Location Hashtags

Location hashtags allow you to be very specific. You make it easier for other people to find you. The competition for these hashtags can be very low. It may seem like no one will ever find you using these specific hashtags – but the ones who will find you will be the one who truly care about what you have to show. Examples

  • #Toronto
  • #Lagos
  • #Abuja
  • #LagosMainland
  • #Lekki etc

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6. Event/Celebration Hashtags

As the name implies, these hashtags are all about events. They are used to collate all content talking about the particular event. Events could be time-oriented. It could be annual or even weekly, monthly etc. Any events happening around you or in the world?
Be part of a larger (or local) movement. These hashtags are great to also find other people in the area (if they are attending the same event). Examples

  • #FIFAWorldCup
  • #TuesdayTogether
  • #SuperBowl
  • #Christmas2017
  • #SummerHolidays2017
  • #WorldTurtleDay
  • #NationalPizzaDay


Now you have seen the types of Instagram hashtags you should combine in your posts. Being able to mix up these hashtags together will give you great results.

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