Why Majority Prefers Government Jobs To Company or NGO Jobs Application

There are different areas o employment available to the job seekers. It could be government jobs. It could also be jobs in the private sectors as well in Non Governmental organisations (NGOs). Obviously, we have seen that a lot of people prefer working for the government rather than working for the private firms and also the NGOs. We want to see Why Majority Prefers Government Jobs To Company or NGO Jobs Application.

People have given lots of reasons Why Majority Prefers Government Jobs To Company or NGO Jobs Application. There reasons could be genuine or emotional. However, we just want to focus on them and bring the light to you. Incase you are considering employment in these areas, you could be influenced by them or not.

Why Majority Prefers Government Jobs To Company or NGO Jobs Application

Here are some of the reasons why many would rather go for government jobs than the private sectors or NGOs jobs.

1. Job Security & Stability

The most obvious reason why people prefer govt jobs to other jobs is the issue of job security. The private sector can go out of business, but the govt will not. So people feel more secured when they are sure they will be in job for a long time. Also, Agencies or offices may close or morph into new forms, but there will always be government jobs. Furthermore, whenever there is economic meltdown, the private firms are the first to sack employees. Government rarely does that.

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2. Flexibility

Government jobs are more flexible than most private firms and NGOs. In the vast majority of positions, workers can easily maintain a healthy work-life balance. Additionally, telecommuting and alternative work schedules are common in government agencies. For jobs that require employees to conduct much of their business away from the office, government organizations have begun providing equipment to facilitate a mobile workforce.

3. Perks & Benefits

There are more number of benefits and perks one can see in govt jobs than in any other places. Government employees often have superior health care plans with lower cost and favorable retirement plans. In the area of pensions, government still have higher hands. Few private firms and NGOs can boast of the same pension plan that could equal government’s own.

4. Holidays & Time off

Another reason Why Majority Prefers Government Jobs To Company or NGO Jobs Application is more holidays and time off. There are more Government holidays in Government jobs compared to private sector. In addition, in Govt jobs, you basically have a 5 day work week. If you work on Saturdays its usually half days. But, private firms work Mondays to Saturdays and some on Sundays. You also have annual leaves in govt jobs without payment. Private employers are often reluctant in permitting vacation time. Also, Federal holidays are observed. State and local governments sometimes have their additional holidays.

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5. Working Hours

Working hours in the private sectors are much higher than in the private firms. In the govt sectors, you mostly work 8am to 5pm (at most). Meanwhile, most private firms start earlier and close later. In government sector jobs, there are standard working hours, unlike private sector ones, where an individual has to do overtime against ones wishes (many time without any benefits as well). And if at all situation demands a government employee to do overtime, then he/she is entitled to attractive overtime benefits.

6. Low Pressure

Government sector jobs are not at all stressful when compared to the jobs in private sector. The work load in governments jobs even if high would have more than enough time frame to complete it in the best manner possible unlike that of private sector jobs. Most times also, the private employer will be on your neck every seconds of the day ensuring you carry out the job unlike the govt works.

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7. Promotion & Salary

In government jobs, most often, your salary will increase which will have no correlation with your performance. While it is great if you are hard-working, increments happen whether are not you perform. In the private firms, your promotion and salary increment are often a product of your output. The government jobs are usually a product of duration and not necessarily productivity.

As you have seen, there are many reasons Why Majority Prefers Government Jobs To Company or NGO Jobs Application. Is there any we omitted? Kindly use the comment box below and we shall attend to you.

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