How to Make Free Video Calls without Downloading Apps

Just as the world is advancing into a greater level, also the Internet world is always many step ahead. lately many App developers came with the idea of create an App called “Social Median” where one can make free unlimited voice and Video callings, but now, I mean recently there are thousands possible ways to make free Video Calls without downloading Apps. Which I will be sharing on this page freely.

The good about what am about reviewing to you, “How to Make Free Video Calls without Downloading Apps” is that its totally for free. Nowadays, there are website that allows you to make free video and Audio calls, all that is just required of you is to login to the website and create account then you start enjoying the full package freely – No credit card required for this task.

List of Sites to Make Free Video Calls without Downloading Apps

All of this websites where you can make your free video call will only require your display Name, email and password to create new account with them, Some of them also, you can use your facebook account to log in and  do what ever you want to do.  Here are the Free websites to Make Free Video Calls without Downloading Apps;

  • Magnocall

 Make Free Video Calls without Downloading Apps

Magnocall is one of the websites I have discovered to have a free features making video calls with your PC or Phone. Just as you can see from the image – you are needed to create account visiting the website;, then create the account with your name, email and a strong password, then click “Create Account”. Its free! You can also use your facebook account to log in at once



Another free Web video calling sites without Downloading Apps, that I want you to also know about. As a matter of fact the is correctly creating awareness for the world to know that they also offer such a free Video Calls without Downloading Apps.

Just few information to also create your account. But when I try using, I made my video calling even without creating any account. Visit and learn more on how to use their service. Unlike Magnocall  where you can only use facebook to enter the site, gives you the opportunity to use either Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, – to sign in, even without create any new account.


Device Requirements:

  • The PC needs webcam or compatible smartphone with front or/and back camera
  • Connection


  • Its free and fast connecting
  • Can do conference Video or/and voice calling
  • Supports all kinds of PC and Smartphones


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