How to Make NYSC Online Payment

The Online registration for NYSC requires lots of processes to be carried out which one of it includes NYSC Online Payment. We understand that most of you are finding if difficult to Make NYSC Online Payment.  Never mind ask this page will take you through all that.

All you have to do is to follow the steps below

How to Make NYSC Online Payment

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Login using your email and password
  3. Click the link “Click here to make payment”How to Make NYSC Online Payment
  4. Click to select payment option. See image of the next step below:select payment option
  5. On this page we assume you are using Master Card to Make NYSC Online Payment. So click on “Proceed Payment”Master Card to Make NYSC Online Payment
  6. Now you select which type of card you like to use (Master Card Naira). Then a pop-up will show up for you to click “Proceed”.Master Card Naira
  7. The Card Payment Details page appears now, for you to enter your card number, CVV number, , card Name, and expiring date of the that card. See image below:card-payment-details
  8. Now you select how you wish to generate  you code generator
  9. Enter the code generated from your Token device or code sent to your Phone sms and click “Submit”code generated from your TokenPlease note that the code expires in 20 seconds.
  10. Now your payment details shows up, letting you know that your payment was successful.

I believe with this you should be able to pay for your NYSC online registration.

Good Luck.

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  1. How do I pay @ a bank, and when I pay do I go back to the cafe to print the green slip?

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