Maltina Dance All Season 8 Registration for 2015 coming soon…

THis is to inform the general public that the Maltina Dance All Season 8 Registration for 2015 is coming soon…

So be at alert!

Please note: The Maltina Brand team or Nigerian Breweries DOES NOT charge any amount whatsoever for participation in Maltina Dance All or any of its sponsored events. Let the public be AWARE!



  1. If the date of the audition is out please dont hesitate 2 give us alert.thanks alot..#mda#

  2. I wonder why it’s taking so much time. It’s normally supposed to be earlier this month …. If it doesn’t start in september.. Pff

    • You want to apply or watch, which of them??

      Anyway do not worry cos we are here to give yo all the updates you ever needed.

  3. y is taking so much time or is there any problem pls don’t fail to tell the general public when the competition starts

  4. Plz try 2 inform us wen d form z ready.. or text diz num 08142619321

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