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Now it is time for you to level up Marketing, Sales, and Support with Messenger Chatbots. This is where you get over 80% open rates & 20% click rates in the chat app used by billions of users.

First, you must understand that your customers are on Facebook, therefore they’re always active on messager 24/7.

With the ManyChat, you have the opportunity to automate & combine Facebook Messenger, SMS, and E-mail to grow your business. Also, to let you build campaigns intuitively with the most recent visual editor.

Have you been wondering about how to how Facebook page bot works or ManyChat login steps for new users?

Then you’ve just landed on the right page where we have made a complete Manychat FB Messenger bot review.

In order to run an effective Facebook Messenger marketing automation funnel, you will need a chatbot like ManyChat – it is cheap and easy to use. Although the free account allows you to achieve reasonable goals, only not every feature will be available and it accommodates less than 500 lists.

The pro upgrade starts from $10 monthly, then as your list increases, so your bill will.

In order to get started properly, you need to understand the key functions of the ManyChat bot to enable you to master how to combine them for the growth of your business.

manychat image

Manychat Dashboard Tools Review

Let us first explain the account Menu interface, the features of those menus and how or when to you them.

Once you login the first time, there are a couple of steps you need to complete; your purpose for using the bot, to connect a Facebook page, etc. But those steps doesn’t matter though.

Now, you should see the following menus (on the left-side) of your account;

  • Dashboard
  • Audience
  • Live Chat
  • Growth Tools
  • Broadcasting
  • Automation
  • Flows
  • Settings
  • Templates
  • My Profile
  • Help
  • Upgrade To Pro


This is the first display of your account, it shows summaries of your bot activities of various tools which you have implemented (put in use).


Just as the name suggests, the audience area shows you the full list of audiences or lists that you have acquired over time. From here also you can further navigate to see specifically the audiences on each growth-tools you have.

Live Chat

This is a window for fresh conversation. And you can as well from here open “already concluded conversations (called; “Done Conversations”)

Growth Tool

This is the major and engine room of this bot. The feature “Growth Tool” is for building your list. In other words, for initiating first communication with your prospective audience.

You know well that list is the “CASH”. You take away the list, so you have taken away “MONEY” on the table. So this is a ket feature of ManyChat Messenger Bot.

From here you create and structure how you want your communication (flow-chat) or sales funnel to look like. For example; from your Facebook page to your website or to your sales page (depending on your target), vas vasa.

Also, you can create a chat tool that you place to appear on your website or landing page; to engage the new audience so they become subscribers. You have visited some sites and you see a “messager icon” at the bottom of the page/website, that is what I’m talking about.

The Growth Tool” is generally for building new audiences using diverse means of achieving that.


This is where you set up automatic flow messages. For example; setting messages how and when you want it delivered to your subscribers.

The Automation has other sub-menus which include; Main menu, default replay, welcome message keywords, sequences, and rules.

These sub-menus have various functionalities.

Main Menu: allows you to set up menus in your chat messager bot. From Facebook, your audience will see those menus and click anyone they are interested in. For instance, the menu may be; Home, About Us, Resouce Page, etc. Although you are only allowed to create up to three menus and this sub-menus.

Default Reply: These are messages you set up (or use the default reply) which you send to users when the bot can’t recognize any Keywords in their messages.

Welcome Message: this is where to set up the message that is sent out to new subscribers on the very first day they interacted (subscribed) with you. It is very important to set up your Welcome message to avoid the boring moment when new subscribers come in for the first time.

Keywords: This is where you set certain keywords to trigger particular messages or flows that you have created. For example, if you have set up Jobs or job or recruitment as keywords then you set up or connect it to trigger your job recruitment articles to the subscribers, and so on.

Rules: Custom rules section lets you create automatic events in ManyChat that can be extremely diverse and powerful. The idea is very simple: when some event happens for a specific subscriber, perform some action.


This is also one of the powerful parts of the bot account. In Flows, it let you create several messages for different purposes that could be linked up while building your sequences, broadcasting, etc.

ManyChat already created examples to let you understand this area and get started.


This area allows you to set up your “Greeting Message Text”, but not limited to that; You can decide to create a template, refresh Facebook permissions, deactivate or delete your ManyChat account and many more.


Already made templates have been created for different purposes. And you also have the opportunity to create a custom template.

My Account:

In the “My Account” area, you will see all the Facebook pages connected to your ManyChat account. Also, you can quickly access Templates, Agency, and Settings from this page.

Agency: This is where you set up your agency account, edit your agency page/profile, see your earned commission so far.


Settings: it lets you generate tokens to start using ManyChat API.


This is the area of your ManyChat dashboard where you can create a ticket, join ManyChat community for learning and updates, get video tutorials for every part of ManchChat you don’t understand, also you can hire an agency and read help documentation from here “Help”.

Upgrade To Pro:

You have decided to upgrade your account to unlock more advance features then this is the area you do so. Upgrading starts from $10 monthly for 500 subscribers, then as your list grows, so your bills increase.

So now you know how to navigate after understanding the above listed ManyChat Menus.

Let’s jump into other part areas of discussions, requirements and how to create ManyChat account and setup or link your Facebook Page with it “ManyChat”.

Requirements To Start Running Manychat Bot

  • Your Facebook Account. Not only will you have a Facebook account, but as well make sure you have created a page(s) that you want to run chatbot on.
  • Website or Sales Page or Landing Page, etc
  • Cash to run Facebook Ads

How to Setup (Sign Up) Manychat Bot Account

Step 1: Login into Your Facebook Account

Open a new tab and log into your Facebook account. The reason I advise you do this first to enable easy and fast detection of your account by Manychat.

Step 2: Visit Manychat Official Website

Go to, that is the official website

Step 3: Login or Sign Up

manychat login page image

The “Get Started Free” Button also serves as the signup link. As I already said before now that you need your Facebook account to connect or login with Manychat. No other ways of logging in to ManyChat if not with Facebook.

Manychat FB Messenger Bot Review | Full Setup Guide | 1

Agree to the terms and conditions by checking the box below the button. Then click “Sign In With Facebook” to get started.

Step 4: Add/Link Your First Page

You may see on my Manychat that I have already linked a page. But I’m still going to show you where to navigate to add your page, also add other pages in subsequent time.

so let’s get started…

Manychat FB Messenger Bot Review | Full Setup Guide | 2

The image above shows you already where to click in order to add/link a new page with your ManyChat.

4.1: Once you click on it, then click on “Add a new page” to opens your Facebook dialogue box to select from the list of pages you may have created.

4.2: Then click on connect for the page that you want to add.

4.3: Now it loads up a questioner for you to complete the answers

This Might Interest You: Learn How to Create a Facebook Page Here

Step 5: Start Setting Up Your Flows and Funnels

Now that you’ve linked your Facebook page or created a new one, the next is to start setting up your funnel the way you want to get results.

Some people using ManyChat only want to sell without building list, some push traffic to their website and landing pages.

So it all depends on what you set to achieve.

You may start by creating your flows, or start by using the “Growth tools”, and so on.

Feel free to share this page and ask questions through the comment box below.


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