Meaning, Functions, Address & Composition of INEC – Top Facts About INEC

Meaning, Functions, Address & Composition of INECHave you ever wondered and thought about the meaning, functions, address & composition of INEC? We are here to satisfy that thirst for knowledge. The INEC simply means the Independent National Electoral Commission. It is the body charged with the responsibility of conducting elections in Nigeria. Apart from the conduct of National elections, INEC play other salient roles for the Nigerian society.

The onlinedailys team strongly believes in patriotism i.e the love of one’s nation. This has made us to bring to you the knowledge of the meaning, functions, address & composition of INEC.  We believe this knowledge is vital and important for every Nigerian to understand how INEC functions and their roles in the Nigerian state.

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Meaning, Functions, Address & Composition of INEC

The Independent National Electoral Commission was established on 5thAugust, 1998 by Decree No. 17 of that year by the Federal Military Government. The law behind its creation is found in Section 153 of the 1999 Constitution. Let us consider the functions of the INEC.

Functions Of INEC

INEC perform the following functions:

  • Conduct elections to elective offices except those of Local Government Areas of the thirty six (36) States of the Federation;
  • Compile and maintain the register of voters;
  • Conduct any referendum required in line with the 1999 Constitution or any other Act of the National Assembly;
  • Promote knowledge of sound democratic election processes;
  • Conduct voter and civic education;
  • Delimit electoral constituencies;
  • Register and de-register political parties;
  • Monitor the organization and operations of all political parties;
  • Arrange for annual examination and auditing of the finances of political parties;
  • Monitor the campaigns of political parties;
  • Carry out recall proceedings where electors can remove an elected representative in State or National Assembly from office if they are not satisfied with the representative’s performance;
  • Provide rules and guidelines for the operation and conduct of political parties.

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Composition Of INEC

The Independent National Electoral Commission is made up of the following membership

  • Thirteen (13) members. This comprises the Chairman and twelve (12) National Commissioners.

INEC Addresses In Nigeria

The INEC offices can be found in all 36 States capitals, the FCT as well as the Seven Hundred and Seventy Four  (774) LGAs of the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory. However, the national headquarters is located at Plot 436 Zambezi Crescent, Maitama District, Abuja, Nigeria.

 INEC Terminologies And Meanings

The following at the terminologies associated with INEC and their meanings.

S/N Terminology Meaning
1 SIEC State Independent Electoral Commission. (Each state has one to conduct its Local Government elections).
2 EMB Election Management Body. (This is the body that conducts elections).
3 REC Resident Electoral Commissioner. He/she is in charge of the affairs of the Commission in the State he/she is posted to.

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Some Common Questions About The INEC

Below are some questions you may need answers to.

S/N Question Answer
How many Election Management Bodies do we have in Nigeria? There are thirty seven (37) EMBs in Nigeria; i.e. INEC and thirty six (36) States Independent Electoral Commissions (SIECs).
How are the members of the Commission appointed? The President, Federal Republic of Nigeria appoints the members of the Commission and they are screened by the Senate
Who is the Chief Returning Officer of Nigeria? The Chairman of INEC. He collates, announces the scores of candidates and declares the winner in a presidential election.
How many RECs does INEC have? There are thirty seven (37) Resident Electoral Commissioners (one per State and the FCT).


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