Mercy Johnson Biography, Profile & Life History

Nollywood is packed with highly gifted superstars of which is the gorgeous Nigerian actress Mercy Johnson Ozioma aka Mercy Johnson.

Mercy Johnson Date of Birth: She was given birth to in Lagos on August 28, 1984, even though she started out her primary school education in Calabar where she resides with her biological father. Mercy afterwards relocated to Lagos State when her daddy was transferred, where she continued her schooling at the Nigerian Navy Primary school.

The celebrity went to Rivers State Secondary School for her secondary education in addition to Nigerian Navy Secondary School in Port Harcourt, River State. Right after her secondary education, she auditioned for a role in ‘the Maid’ a movie that’s to launch her into stardom.

The sexy actress continues to be one of Nigeria’s best rising female movie star. Mercy Johnson elevated to popularity in her role in ‘The Maid’ in which she acted as a house help to excellence. The gifted actress is however fast to indicate that this wasn’t her 1st film to stardom though it may be one which made her a household name

In the course of acting in ‘The Maid’ movie, she’d never obtained any sort of expert training in the Nigerian movie industry and had just finished her secondary school education.

The talented actress has been mostly connected with emotionally charged roles. As witnessed in many of her films, she’s an extremely actress who is able to fit any role ranging from action to romance. She also admits being her very best in emotional roles.

A few of Mercy Johnson’s movies include

  1. Beyond Desire,
  2. My Beloved Son,
  3. Look Into My Eyes,
  4. Kill the Bride,
  5. Painful World,
  6. Under Control,
  7. Lost to Lust,
  8. Sweet Mama,
  9. Wealth Aside,
  10. Royal Tears,
  11. Genevieve,
  12. Strength to Strength,
  13. Last Kiss,
  14. Forest of Promises and Women in Power.
  15. etc

She hails from a family of 7 children and she is the 6th child. She talks very lovingly of her father, a former Naval officer, with whom she loves playing games. The attractive actress talks very little about the role her biological mother played in her life
She recently got married to an Edo based businessman, Prince Odianosen Okojie.

Summary of Mercy Johnson Biography, Profile & Life History

Full Name: Mercy Johnson Ozioma
Stage Name: Mercy Johnson
Place of Birth: Lagos, Nigeria
Where is Mercy Johnson from?: Okene in Kogi State, Nigeria
Name of Parents: Mr. Danniel & Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson.
Date of Birth: April 14, 1984
Marriage Status: Married  (2011)
Children: Purity Okojie (Female)

Do you want to be more than her? Than you have to work hard like she did.

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  1. precious vivian chigaemezu

    I want to be like my role model mercy Johnson


    mercy is a very talented superstar and a screen diva of our time………i wish i can be like her……anyway all good things comes from God

  3. JANE

    I really love Mercy with all my heart, i wish to be like her.

  4. Chairman Benney Ikokwu, World Nigerian Consortium Of Organizations, World Nigerian

    Ms. Mercy Johnson is one of the most popular and sexy actresses from Nollywood whose movies we have enjoyed watching. We are amazed by her wonderful professional acting skill and especially the flawless, Queen’s English that she speaks. We highly recommend all her movies. Watch them, laugh, enjoy and tell your friends.

  5. africa cynthia

    i love mercy johnson, i will surelly be like her. She is my role model

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