Mix.com account Registration: Learn how to Create new Max account and setup

Mix.com is a free social website that connects people of the same interest to come together and share ideas and thoughts. Once you are registered you will be able to follow others and they will e able to follow you as well.

Do you own a business, website or have interesting stuff to show off? It’s time to as well leverage on Mix account platform, absolutely you have nothing to lose.

Creating the account is 100% and easy to do. This is why this page was created – to guide you throughout the Mix account registration process and set up your account after.


How to Sign up Mix.com account

You have 3-options to sign up Mix account. This includes either using either your Facebook account, Twitter or Google account.

  1. Go to https://mix.com/
  2. Click on the signup button
  3. Click on any of the third-party’s account (Facebook, Twitter or Google) that you like to use and signup for mix.com account.Mix account sign up image
  4. For any of those three, you want to use sign up, you will be redirected to their official page to login and most importantly “Allow (approve)” the connection or linking of your new sign up Mix account the whichever account you use.
  5. After you have approved or allowed the connection – you should see a new screen of Mix.com showing your information is fetched from your social account. See image below;Mix account sign up image 3
    Note that you can modify/edit the name you see on the screen if you don’t like what it’ll display as user name. But make sure the new username you are changing to is available. you will see an indication below the name
  6. Another new screen/page that allows you to select the area of your interest to make your Mix.com environment (just like the Pinterest Signup Proces) to interact with your favourite topics.
  7. Then click on “Continue” after selecting.
  8. Now you are done. But one thing remains, go to your email address to verify your account (if you used Google).

Mix.com account registration is completed, you can now login into your account to start adding contents (like articles, image and videos). Also to create a connection to organize your favourite post and discover more interesting things by following people and subscribing to their collections.


Download Mix Mobile App for Free

The mix mobile app is also available on Android and iOS devices. It allows you to stay on point and current at all time. Now you don’t have to miss any update from your those you’re following.


Please, do you the comment box below in case you have a question of contributions.




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